Jeff Brown Mandated Money Review – What’s Jeff’s NEW WAY to invest?

On Wednesday, June 22nd at 8 PM ET, during a special one-night only event: “Washington D.C.’s Mandated Money”, Jeff Brown, a member of Washington D.C.’s Chamber of Digital Commerce, will reveal a NEW WAY to invest — used by members of Congress nationwide.

Jeff calls it: “Mandated Money.”

A new way to invest where you can lock in up to a potential $400, $500, $1,500… Even $2,300 in profit — in advance.

And through an ongoing investigation, he can confirm, these deals have been used by:

Members of Congress from Indiana, California, Louisiana, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, and New York…

But here’s what they won’t tell you…

“Mandated Money” is available to ANYONE. Including you.


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Jeff Brown Mandated Money Review – What Is All About?

Right now, Jeff’s got his eye on what he calls “Mandated Money”… a way to invest in America’s top private companies and potentially lock-in $500, $1,500, and even $2,300 in profit – before they go public.

So when Jeff brought this idea to our attention, we knew we had to share it with you.

Recently, Jeff Brown has been following a special opportunity… one that has the potential for incredible gains and can let us invest safely in the most exciting tech startups – even in a volatile market.

It’s a special type of deal enabling the most exciting technological trends to reach mass adoption.

Yet if you’ve seen the media talk about these deals, they’ve been using words like “dangerous” or “complicated”… That’s hardly what we like to hear about our investments.

Even Congress has been meeting to try to prevent these deals from being marketed to retail investors. They’d like to restrict them to accredited investors.

And this is where being a contrarian is required…

Because despite the dire headlines, these deals are not something to dismiss. They are as easy to buy as a stock… and critically, they provide contractual obligations that protect our invested capital.

Our elected officials, hedge funds, and the wealthy make thousands of dollars from these deals. However, they are actively trying to keep all these deals for themselves.

That means there is little time to waste…

And that’s why Jeff Brown has been preparing a very thorough briefing to show us how to benefit from these deals. He’s calling this event Mandated Money.

It has been scheduled to take place on June 22 at 8 p.m. ET.

I truly believe this is the smartest move investors can make today. That night, Jeff will explain these contrarian investments and his strategy for picking the best deals.



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Is It Free To Attend Jeff Brown Mandated Money?

Yes – it’s absolutely FREE to attend Jeff Brown Mandated Money. Registration is required. When you finished it – you’ll be redirected to the official website for “Washington D.C.’s Mandated Money” registrants.

This is a special one-night-only event. Do not miss out.

Jeff had his team create this virtual hub for YOU. It’s designed to help you get the most out of the “Mandated Money” event.

By simply clicking on the tabs on this website, you will be able to access Jeff Brown’s special three-part Mandated Money Strategy Seminar (the first video goes live Friday, June 17).

This private video content isn’t available anywhere else and gives you a sneak peek into what Jeff plans to unveil during his event on Wednesday, June 22 at 8PM ET.

In this special series — available only to registered attendees — Jeff Brown will be pulling back the curtain on an incredible wealth-building opportunity unlike anything you’ve ever seen…

He calls it “Mandated Money.”

A secret used by billionaires, hedge funds, our elected officials in Congress, even a President of the United States.

A way you can invest in America’s TOP private companies — months or even years before they go public and lock in up to a potential $400, $500, $1,500… Even $2,300 in profit — in advance.

In fact, Jeff says when you use this correctly, you are CONTRACTUALLY MANDATED TO MAKE MONEY.

To ensure you don’t miss out, here’s the #1 step we recommend you take right now.


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When Is Jeff Brown Mandated Money?

Remember, Jeff’s special event airs for one night only, on June 22 at 8PM E.T.

Many people will miss this event simply because they forget… lose track of time… or miss Jeff’s email updates.

That’s why Jeff Brown’s team created a VIP reminder service that is 100% free.

As a VIP, you’ll receive complimentary text messages before the event, to make sure you don’t miss it on the evening of June 22.


At Jeff’s request, when you sign up to the free VIP list, you’ll also receive two free bonus gifts.

  • Access to Jeff’s 2022 Legacy Presentation: The Great Recalibration
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  • Jeff’s “5 Toxic IPOs to Avoid Now” (Valued at $49)
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Final Words

Jeff Brown Mandated Money is a special one-night-only event with Jeff Brown.

It’s scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 22 at 8 p.m. ET. Tune in to discover how to invest in America’s TOP Private Companies
and lock in up to $2,300 in profit in advance — MANDATED BY LAW.

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