John Thomas – Is he for real?

A few folks wondered if John Thomas was “for real” because they’ve been burned by gurus, experts and brokers who lost their money.

So John, the Mad Hedge-Fund Trader, wants to let you hear from a regular investor who’s followed his advice.

This gentleman, Elias, has only had ONE unprofitable trade in THREE YEARS!

What’s even more shocking: Elias has only had access to one-tenth of what you’re going to be getting in Global Trading Dispatch and Coaching Program. John Thomas is definitely for real. Here you can hear Elias’ story straight from the horse’s mouth…

I’m proud to be able to introduce you to such a world-class trader like John Thomas. I really feel he’s going to be a “game-changer” for every investor and trader looking to finally make consistent profits in the market.

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