What Is Lou Basenese Area 52: Digital Fortunes Quantum Microchip Stock Revealed

Here you will learn about Lou Basenese Digital Fortunes and Area-52 – a 52-mile stretch of the Chicago suburbs, where a super-technology is undergoing secret government tests.

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What is Lou Basenese Area-52?

Area-52 is Lou’s own codename for the location of the U.S. government’s 52-mile test loop for a “National Quantum Internet”.

Lou describes Area-52 as “critical to America’s national security over the next 100 years”. It is “worth 10X the existing internet”. Moreover, this is the first technology with estimated value above a quadrillion dollar.

The National Quantum Internet operates under the purview of the Department of Energy (DOE). 52-miles of optical fiber that promises completely new way to process information.

As Lou sees it, quantum technology has three superpowers:

  • Superpower #1: Quantum technology cannot be hacked. Quantum data is incredibly sensitive to any interactions with physical environment. It is easily destroyed and impossible to copy.
  • Superpower #2: Quantum technology travels at light speed.
  • Superpower #3: Quantum technology can solve unsolvable problems, tasks that are too complicated for classical computers.

When it comes to investing, nothing can be guaranteed. But ask yourself this question:

Are you practicing “wait and see” investing?

Many people wait for the trend or catalyst to start moving the market. Then they wait for the mainstream media to validate it. Next, they wait for their brokerage to release a full report, and then make the first steps to invest.

Little pessimism in investing is helpful.

In real life “wait and see” investing can potentially cost thousands.

Lou Basenese has an 80/20 rule that easily applies here.

80% of the overall gains of a stock typically occurs before any news hit. The remaining 20% (the leftovers) are split between “wait and see” investors.

With this in mind, Lou believes quantum technology demands your immediate attention.

Why to invest in quantum technology today?

Harvard Business Review reports that “The quantum race is already underway”.

The main reason is because there is no limit to quantum technology’s commercial applications.

Lou’s recommendation is to invest in something you know plenty about. For example, microchips. They hold some of the best investment gains ever – stocks like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Broadcom came from pure-play microchip companies.

Quantum microchips stand among the greatest technological breakthroughs in history. They perform the same tasks as existing chips but have the potential to be many times faster.

Currently only five companies have developed fully operational quantum microchips – Google, IBM, Intel, Rigetti, and IonQ. However, none of them are licensing their chips for wide-scale consumer applications.

Lou Basenese’s quantum technology investment recommendation

In his presentation, Basenese is talking about a little company whose shares could make you rich this year. Lou believes that a major licensing deal could be announced any minute.

Shortly after company’s sales are set to rocket from $400,000 in 2021 to more than $58 million. This is an increase of incredible 14,400%. Lou predicts the shares could quickly triple in price. They could reach as high as 89x your investment.

This little Silicon Valley-based company has filed 298 patents to help major chip manufacturers produce quantum microchips for broad-based usage.

This opportunity is time sensitive which is why Lou wants to rush you a copy of his brand-new report. It is called The Quantum Profits Report. Inside are included:

  • Company’s ticker
  • Entry prices
  • When is best time to buy?
  • When to sell
  • Lou’s entire profit forecast for the best stock to own this year (and beyond).
  • Every urgent detail on the company’s looming licensing deal

To claim your FREE copy of Quantum Profits Report, you need to give a try of Lou’s flagship publication Digital Fortunes.

What is included with Digital Fortunes?

The idea that stays behind Digital Fortunes is to spot a technology trend early enough, so you have the chance to put your money to work.

According to Basenese, the sole purpose of this flagship publication is to help the readers to grow a personal fortune. No matter how the market index is performing.

Lou Basenese stays behind this research. He is confident that if you arm yourself with this research, you’ll be ahead of every big tech trend.

New subscribers to Digital Fortunes receive the following:

  • 12 Monthly issues of Digital Fortunes with investment recommendations and analysis
  • Immediate access to The Quantum Profits Report where readers will find the details of a small Silicon Velley-based company that will lead the quantum computing revolution. Lou believes in the next couple of months this company will announce partnership with one of the technological giants. Investing in this small company early could bring you huge returns. Lou is expecting 89x returns for early investors.
  • Bonus report# 1: How to Profit From the iPhone Killer – Lou knows details from the private meeting recently held at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. At the meeting Apple unveiled a device that “could eventually replace mobile phones”. Apple’s internal codename for this device is “N421” but he calls it “The iPhone killer”. From this report you will learn the name and ticker of the stock. Lou compares the shares of this company with “owning shares of Apple in 1980”.
  • Bonus Report #2: How to 10X Your Money Investing in the Next Tesla. The Tesla’s biggest gains are likely gone. Lou is confident that he found the stock market’s “Next Tesla”. It is a private company doing business at the intersection of three booming industries – artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and autonomous vehicles. This report describes the way to own shares before the company goes public.
  • Bonus Report #3: My #1 Way to Play the Regenerative Medicine Boom. Regenerative medicine is expected to rocket above $175 billion in the next few years. In this bonus report you will find the stock that could jump 250% this year alone.
  • Email Updates for urgent actions or news between monthly issues
  • Full Access to Lou’s model portfolio that includes all stock recommendations with entry/exit points and gains/losses. For a full list of all of Lou’s closed model portfolio biotech recommendations, click here.

How much is Digital Fortunes?

You can choose from these plans:

  • Very Best Offer – Retail price is $299 but you can join today for only $149. This offer includes 12-month digital subscription, extra bonus reports and premium customer service. It automatically renews at $149 per year.
  • Premium offer is $149 for a 12-month digital subscription and all bonus reports. Automatically renews at $149 per year.
  • Basic offer is $99 for 12-month digital subscription. Automatically renews at $99 per year.

Digital Fortunes Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied after 30-day trial period, you can request your full refund. They do not charge any kind of “processing” or “restocking” fees like some other publishers do. You will be able to keep all received reports.

Final words

The little “quantum” company featured in Lou Basenese’s presentation was recently added to Forbe’s list of “America’s Best Small Companies for 2022”.

Lou is completely sure it will not stay small for a long. Considering the company’s potential for major licensing agreement in the next couple of months.

If you invest today, you will have the chance to earning profits that could potentially change your life to become 100% financial free.

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