Global Trading Dispatch and Coaching Program is generating a lot of buzz. I’ve received hundreds of questions about the coaching program – so I decided to ask John Thomas to answer the most frequently asked questions for you right now:

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Question #1: What exactly IS your Global Trading Dispatch Program?

ANSWER: Global Trading Dispatch is a breakthrough new coaching program and top-flight trading service rolled into one. It’s your complete approach to becoming a world class global macro long/short trader. Basically, the goal is to transform you into a top hedge fund manager. It’s like you’re pulling up a chair next to me to look at my terminal as we trade our accounts together. I’ll give you the specific trades I’m making as I make them in the market. I’ll explain why we’re making the trade, how to execute it and answer all your questions.

PLUS, I’ll open up my vault of connections developed over 40 years in financial markets. This will give you the early insights, research and recommendations you need to play global markets for maximum money and minimum risk.

It’s the ultimate mentoring program for traders and investors tired of the hype, B.S., inconsistent profits and failed trades that devour your money.

QUESTION #2 Will you give me the skills to be a full-time trader?

ANSWER: Yes, if that’s what you’re really after (not everyone is, nor needs to be). As long as you don’t have a set preconception of what it means to be a full-time trader, then you’re good to go. For example, some people turn day-trading or Forex trading into a religion. If they’re not glued to their screens 24 hours a day, then they don’t believe they’re “real traders.”

Of course, that’s nonsense. It’s not about how often you trade, it’s how much money you make. Global Trading Dispatch is about making the most from your trades, NOT about making the most trades.

Day trading chains you to your computer screen for more hours than the market is open. You become a slave to the markets. It’s a miserable way to live.

QUESTION #3: Can I trade your strategies in an IRA or 401(k)?

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely. 95% of our trades can be executed with your IRA or 401(k). That surprises a lot of people because they think “complicated” is somehow better. That’s a myth.

You don’t need overly-complicated trading strategies to make a lot of money. You just need to know how to recognize and play the big moves in the market (that’s the core of Global Trading Dispatch).

QUESTION #4: Are you teaching me to trade? Or giving me specific trades?

ANSWER: Yes, and yes. Global Trading Dispatch Program is about both. It transforms you into a top-flight trader AND gives you the trades to multiply your portfolio.

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QUESTION #5: What’s your track record?

ANSWER: The S.E.C. forbids hedge funds from publicly publishing our track records or assets under management in any marketing communication (which probably includes this).

What I can tell you is that my public recommendations over the past five months have produced 48 winners out of 49 trades.

Not bad for five months, wouldn’t you say?

QUESTION #6: What, specifically, are we going to trade?

ANSWER: We’ll trade just about anything to make a buck. And with the prevalence of ETFs these days, we can trade most assets around the world, from global stock markets, currencies, bonds and more with these funds that are so easy to buy and sell.

We’ll also use stocks when we can. Like when we made 92% through the backdoor on Mongolia’s 100% move. You can’t invest directly into Mongolia, so we used little-known mining stock to cash in on it. Or when we made 337% on a little rare-earth miner BEFORE there was a rare earth ETF. These are stocks listed on U.S. exchanges, so they are as easy to buy as IBM or Apple.

QUESTION #7: How much will regular membership in Global Trading Dispatch cost?

ANSWER: Keep watching. You’ll be shocked at the price. If you’ve been investing in trading materials and investing services, you’ve probably paid a lot more to get a lot less (from people with questionable qualifications).

I’ve intentionally priced Global Trading Dispatch so Main Street investors can join us. Stay tuned.

QUESTION #8: Can I put my money in your hedge fund?

ANSWER: Do you have $5 million to invest? If so, you should know that hedge funds are private organizations, and I am NOT soliciting you to invest in my fund. If you’re hoping to become a better trader, believe me, you want the experience and mentoring Global Trading Dispatch gives you.

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