Global Trading Dispatch Program | How bad will the next crash hurt you?

Urgent webinar from John Thomas, the Wall Street legend who called the dotcom crash, the 2007-2008 real estate crash, the commodities bull market in 2000, and more…

Which sectors will make you rich, and which ones will ruin you in the coming market crash?

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The next market crash is coming. Wall Street insiders are positioning themselves for it right now.They know not even QE3 can save the market from this one.

If you want to survive it—and even make a lot of money when it hits—watch this free webinar from top hedge fund trader John Thomas.

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The signs are clear. Europe is already in a deep recession… full-blown depression in some places. It’s getting worse, and spreading to the U.S.China can’t avoid a hard landing that will ripple through the global economy.

That’s just the start of the problems facing us in the next few months. Most investors are going to get slaughtered, but a few sectors are positioned to make a lot of money when it happens.In this urgent webinar, top hedge fund trader John Thomas shows you which sectors could make you rich, and which investors could ruin you.

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