Global Trading Dispatch Video #2 | Risk On/Risk Off Trades = Quick Profits

New presentation from John Thomas- one of the founding fathers of the international hedge fund industry.

How to trade the “risk switch” for maximum profits while minimizing risks…

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You’ve probably heard the terms “risk on” and “risk off” a lot recently. When the market is considered to switch to risk on, certain assets go up in price and others go down. The situation reverses in risk off mode.

This risk switch is the key driver of everything right now. In this market, either you stay on the right side of the risk switch, or you lose money.

In today’s new presentation, John Thomas explains how to profit on both sides of the risk switch—including which assets and sectors to pile into whenever it goes from Risk On to Risk Off and vice versa.

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There is NOTHING TO BUY on this page, just practical, usable, helpful information for investors who want to get this right.

John has uses the information he shares in this video to trade his own hedge fund.

If you don’t know much about John, then you should understand that during his 40 years in financial markets, he has worked directly with the biggest names on Wall Street.

  • Paul Tudor Jones and George Soros PAID to have him consult on their hedge funds. He even made $75 million trading against Soros in a single month.
  • He spent 10 years working for, and being mentored by, legendary Barton Biggs—the multi-billion hedge fund manager and former chief global strategist for Morgan Stanley who was widely considered the number-one global trading strategist in the world.
  • He helped Main Street investors pile up impressive gains with his correct calls on Apple (172% gain) and the collapse of the Swiss Franc (181% gain), and grow their entire portfolios at a blistering 48.72% as of this writing.
  • His returns have helped Main Street investors who follow his trades perform as if they are the top-performing hedge fund managers and traders in the world—like John is.
  • John founded Wall Street’s ORIGINAL dedicated international hedge fund (a massive success).

Best of all, John takes a lot of time to explain how he trades the markets these days… including what you need to do when the market switches between Risk On and Risk Off environments.

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It could be the most profitable video you watch all year.

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