Global Trading Dispatch Service Video #1 | The Coming Obama Crash

Urgent webinar from John Thomas, the Wall Street legend who called the dotcom crash, the 2007-2008 real estate crash, the commodities bull market in 2000, and more…

How Obama is about to crash the stock market

– and what you must do now for protection and profits

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Get ready for another major market crash. According to John Thomas, one of the founding fathers of the international hedge fund industry, Wall Street is betting Barack Obama will be re-elected AND that he’ll oversee a major market collapse in 2013.

What can you expect? A deep recession for U.S., $5/gallon gas, a BIGGER COLLAPSE in consumer spending, and more… Watch this FREE WEBINAR for protection and profits.

He details the reasons why in this urgent free webinar for investors

Find out which sectors can make you rich when it hits, and which popular investments to avoid like the plague.

Ignoring this warning could be as devastating as ignoring the few people, like John Thomas, who called the 2000 dotcom crash, and the real estate crash of 2008.

If you’re caught off guard, you could lose a big portion of your wealth.

If you’re prepared, you could make a fortune.

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