The World’s Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager’s “Secret Weapon”

Who Else Wants to Discover the Billion-Dollar Trading Strategies of the World’s Top Hedge Fund Manager’s “Secret Weapon”?

The world’s best performing hedge fund
manager with his “Secret Weapon.”

The man on the left in the photo above is David Tepper, CEO of Appaloosa Management – the world’s best performing hedge fund. To his right is his “Secret Weapon” – John Thomas.

How has David Tepper achieved his world-class performance? He is a client of John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader… and listens to every word John says.

Here’s why…

For years, John worked “behind the scenes”, making billions for his well-heeled clients like Morgan Stanley. He has called every major turn in the market for the last four decades.

John has had a colorful past. He spent 50 years working as a foreign correspondent, banker, broker, combat pilot, hedge fund manager, and oil wildcatter in the Texas Barnet Shale.

He ran an equity trading desk at Morgan Stanley, and the founded one of the first hedge funds, which delivered a tenfold return for its original investors.

So what does all this have to do with you?

John Thomas now runs the top performing trade mentoring service in the industry. Which means you can now discover his market-slaying secrets… previous available only to John’s $100,000 a year clients… for yourself!

John has spent decades training individuals like yourself on how to achieve financial independence though managing money from the comfort of your own homes.

He rarely deals with the public, and only occasionally takes on new followers.

But today he wants to share with you how to prosper in 2016, in one of the most challenging markets in history.

Invest a few minutes a day, and you can reliably earn money from the markets, whether they go up, down, or sideways.

John is about to reveal some of his most cherished hedge fund secrets… and… exactly how to make money in today’s volatile markets… in a very special online training session coming soon.

Join John for his Global Strategy Webinar where he pinpoints exactly where the easy money will be made, complete with ticker symbols, the back-story, and precise entry and exit points.

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Add John’s 45 years of trading experience to your own, and 80 years when the backgrounds of his senior trading staff are added in… and you have access to some of the most powerful, potentially profitable trading intel available anywhere.

Listen, if you are NOT up +10% so far this year (when the market was down 7%), and up an average of 38.10% over the past 12 months in one of the most challenging market environments we’ve seen in a long time… you are reading the WRONG newsletters or following the WRONG trade mentoring service.


In his powerful new Global Strategy Webinar, John will highlight the lowest risk, highest return trades in:

– Stocks
– Bonds
– Foreign Exchange
– Commodities
– Energy
– Precious Metal
– Real Estate

He’ll only broadcast his views once, so ignore him at your own expense. INVEST ONLY 30 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME and get a handle on how 2016 will play out in every asset class.

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