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In this free report and video you’ll discover:

  • Which stocks have the best potential for massively profitable swing trades, because this indicator identifies predictable and reliable trends.
  • How to identify the next market leading sector ETFs before they make dramatic moves that create huge trading opportunities in the ETF, stocks and OPTIONS!
  • How to AVOID getting whipsawed by general market volatility, so you can stay in your good trades longer for bigger profits.

  • Which trends you should buy on pullbacks, so you can get into big swing trades early with less risk!
  • How to use this same indicator to anticipate when a stock, ETF or market is dangerously poised to FALL, so you can AVOID painful losses.
  • Which trends you can buy breakouts in, so you can confidently catch explosive moves with amazing timing for trades that yield quick profits.
  • What a $6.5 billion hedge fund thinks of this indicator, and why most traders mistakenly do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they should be doing right now!

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As you’ll hear Geoff, the co-founder of MarketGauge, say in the video… The current market conditions are perfect for this indicator and its method of finding stocks and ETFs that will have the biggest moves in both bull and bear markets!

It’s hard to believe they’re giving this away for free

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