The Synergy Pattern Strategy Review | Detailed View Inside

This is unlike anything I’ve seen before in 30 years of trading…

It’s not an active day trading strategy. It’s not moving you in and out of the market so fast it’ll make you dizzy. In fact – it’s in the market literally 100% of the time, year round. BUT – it’s also not some buy and hold strategy…

When you trade the “Synergy Pattern”, you rotate your portfolio into – and out of – a tiny handful of very specific ETFs precisely every two weeks.

By doing this you position yourself in the ideal asset for EVERY kind of market. It’s produced an average annual return of 50.91% in all market conditions imaginable.

Since mid-2008, this approach has returned a fully documented 2,825%.

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The video will only be up for a few more days.

If you don’t watch it during that window – you will miss out. And to give you a sense of “what” you’ll be missing out on – here’s a trade we took recently with Roger’s system:

On June 1st the Synergy Pattern rotated into EDV at $128.45.

Two weeks later EDV sat at $137.29.

That’s a 6.88% gain in two weeks.

Again – that might not sound like a lot. But I’m not taking that trade with 1% of your account. In this trade you would have realized a 6.88% gain on your entire portfolio.If you’d like to know how to do that…

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And let me remind you just how massive 50.91% year-over-year is…

Ten years from now, it can turn every $1,000 into $61,260. If you invested that money in an index fund instead – your $1,000 would only be $2,367. That’s a HUGE difference. Only you know how big it would be for your portfolio.

Watch the video right now to find out how it’s being done…

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