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I want you to show you four very special charts. They might seem perfectly ordinary to the naked eye. But the truth is, they’re hiding a 145 year old secret pattern in some of the world’s most important financial markets. When you spot it – you unlock safe, reliable returns of 50.91% year over year.

Those are trading profits you can earn while trading precisely once every two weeks. And you can do it without dangerous leverage, or any other high-risk strategies.

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Not 1 trader in 1,000 knows about the “Synergy Pattern.” The man who discovered it is a former hedge fund manager who turned $20m into $740m in just 10 years.
Since mid-2008 – when he first start trading it – he’s up 2,825%.

With returns like that, you can turn every $1,000 into $61,260 in ten years. After twenty, your account equity would have grown to $3,752,842. Think about that for a second.

Find Out How He Does It

My friend Todd Mitchell has put together a video series explaining everything. In it he reveals the secret of the “Synergy Pattern” – plus how you can start trading it for yourself. A breakthrough like this only comes along every so often…

Skip this one at your own peril…

Discover the “Synergy Pattern”

The “Synergy Pattern” is part of the new ETF Trading Mastery Program. ETF Trading Mastery promises to teach people everything, from the principles of charting to how to maximize their potential.

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