It’s almost unfair to see just how many traders are crushing it in the E-Minis right now.
Of course, I’m looking to get a piece of the pie too – so I thought you’d like to see what I’m doing.

Watch this.

Trading veteran Todd Mitchell just came out with this tutorial that shows you the hurdles holding back most traders from making money (using his actual charts). He also walks you through how to pull predictable profits from the E-Minis while only using a single chart…

…. as well as the best markets to trade for daily income …

… and the most predictable times to produce daily income (and what times to avoid).

As you know, you can trade with a lot of confidence and consistency when you know when to enter and exit the market. I have a feeling this tutorial will save you plenty of future frustration.

Check it out: The E-mini Futures’ Unfair Advantage

The approach Todd shares can be used in any market or time frame. As he says, it gives you an “unfair advantage.”

Watch this.

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