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Start your trading day with a handful of stocks ready to move big.

My colleagues at MarketGauge are former floor traders and they just shared this with me…

It’s two trade setups they use every day to create a short list of great stocks they can easily profit from, and so could you!

Day traders – these stocks are set up to have unusual moves TODAY!

Swing and Option traders – take profits day 1, and be in a swing trade at the beginning of a move.

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They’ll show you all the criteria for multiple setups that are ready to move the very next day. Then, you’ll discover how to find these trades every day.

Plus, they bundled this training with a powerful ebook, “The Opening Range Handbook”!

In this ebook you’ll discover the primary tactic they have used for decades (as floor traders and hedge fund managers) to anticipate which days will trend and when the market is set up for an intra-day reversal.

This ‘bundle’ of training will enable you to pinpoint the best days and entry points for your day trades and swing trades!

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The best part could be that you’ll learn a trade setup that gives you explosive trades without any special software or indicators, and you can immediately start trading the strategy you’ll learn!

Watch this training now and discover simple, precise setup secrets that will:

  • Show you how to bank ‘fast’, ‘simple-profits’ on a daily basis
  • Minimize your initial risk level so even if you lose… it’s a small amount
  • Prevent you from missing the obvious winners so you never miss an easy opportunity
  • Reduce your trading stress by eliminating the emotional decisions
  • Eliminate analysis paralysis so that you don’t spend hours over analyzing the opportunities
  • Help you create a rock solid trading plan that will push your portfolio to new heights
  • And more…

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Don’t worry… This isn’t some crazy new way to trade the markets…

And you can see the set up without any special software or indicators!

This has been a favorite “quick hit” trade for both day and swing traders. With the markets being so “stock specific”, it’s a perfect time to use this setup to identify the right stocks to trade, without taking a lot of risk!

Yes, you’ll also learn how you how to find these trades every day.

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