Teeka Tiwari The Second Phase Event: “Tech Royalties” 2.0

What is the Name of Teeka Tiwari’s #1 “Tech Royalty” Cryptocurrency? Teeka Tiwari The Second Phase Event: “Tech Royalties” 2.0 is on Wednesday, November 3 at 8 p.m. ET,when Teeka will share the name of his No. 1 Tech Royalty to buy now.

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Teeka Tiwari The Second Phase Event: This Could Be Your Last Chance for Returns Like This

On February 19, 2021, something historic happened in the crypto markets…

Bitcoin − the controversial “blue chip” cryptocurrency that’s risen more than 200 times in value since 2015 − surpassed $1 trillion in market value…

It did so in just 12 years.

By comparison, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, took 21 years to hit the $1 trillion mark… It took Amazon 24 years to cross the trillion-dollar threshold…

And Apple and Microsoft took 44 and 42 years, respectively, to hit the same milestone.

I don’t want to break my arm patting myself on the back… but as far back as 2016, I told anyone willing to listen that bitcoin would soar well past $1 trillion… up to $1.2… and eventually to $1.5 trillion…

Everything I predicted in 2016, 2017, and in the depths of the 2018 Crypto Winter… It’s all come true.

I said we’d see $40,000 bitcoin… and then $60,000 bitcoin… sooner than most people realized.

I said Wall Street would try to scare retail investors out of crypto as the hedge funds and institutions flooded in… scooping it up at fire-sale prices while individual investors sold bitcoin at the bottom.

I called it the “Great Crypto Conspiracy.”

And again, that’s exactly what happened. The same institutions that once jawboned bitcoin lower are now on the bitcoin bandwagon…

  • JPMorgan – and its CEO Jamie Dimon – once said you’d be “stupid” to buy bitcoin. But now that it’s figured out how to make money from it, it’s telling you to buy.
  • Morgan Stanley said the “true price” of bitcoin was zero… And it’s since become the first major bank to offer it directly to wealthy clients.
  • Then there’s Citigroup… It said bitcoin was a “complete failure.” Today, it predicts bitcoin could reach $318,000 this year.

Here’s why I’m telling you this…

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Teeka Tiwari “Tech Royalties” 2.0 – One More Chance to Get In Early

I believe bitcoin is a world-class asset with plenty of upside left.

But the opportunity for the everyday investor to make life-changing gains in bitcoin is gone. The institutional capital is here… and bitcoin has reached escape velocity.

If you didn’t get involved in bitcoin when I first brought it to you… you no longer have the opportunity to turn tiny grubstakes into life-changing gains.

Buying a whole bitcoin is mainly for the big boys now. For them, a 10−20x gain is a huge move. And over time, I think we’ll see bitcoin do that.

I even think it will surpass gold – a $9.6 trillion global market – as the world’s go-to store of value… and if it does, we could easily see it go up 10x from today’s values.

But a 10−20x gain over a few years isn’t going to cut it for the little guy who can only afford a small fraction of a single bitcoin. To really move the needle on your wealth with crypto, you must get in early.

For example…

  • If you got in on bitcoin when I first recommended it at $428 in 2016, you’d be up 110x today.
  • If you bought Binance Coin (BNB) when I first recommended it at $1.88 in 2017, you’d be up 217x.
  • And if you got in on Neo (NEO) when I recommended it at 13 cents in 2017, you’d be up 375x.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $111,000, $218,000, and $376,000, respectively.

So, if you took a chance and followed those recommendations, congratulations… you’ve seen firsthand how life-changing an early crypto investment can be.

But if you were skeptical and didn’t listen… or you’re just now getting into crypto…

I believe you’re about to have a second shot at the kind of gains we’ve made during bitcoin’s epic run to $1 trillion.

It involves what I call “Tech Royalties.”

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Teeka Tiwari’s Tech Royalties 2.0: The Second Phase Event – A New Kind of Royalty

The idea I’m talking about is similar to a traditional royalty payment.

You’ve probably heard at least one story about someone getting rich off royalties… And maybe even wished it happened to you.

But if you don’t know much about the royalty model, here’s how it works…

Remember the TV show Friends? The actors from the hit show still earn $20 million from reruns every year… even though the show ended in 2004.

And Jerry Seinfeld still makes roughly $90 million a year thanks to his Seinfeld royalties… And that’s on top of collecting royalties of about $250 million in just the first year of reruns.

The point is the royalty model can make you rich by handing you regular payouts – year after year.

So what does this have to do with crypto?

Well, a handful of cryptos have adopted a new royalty model where they share a portion of their revenue with their coin holders.

This has resulted in some coins delivering outlandish yields along with truly mammoth capital gains.

Right now, we can make these monster gains and huge yields because very few people know about Tech Royalties… but that’s all about to change.

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Teeka Tiwari’s Tech Royalties 2.0: The Second Phase Event – What Is All About?

Since my last Tech Royalties event in February, just one of my plays alone gave my readers the chance at 58 years’ worth of average S&P 500 gains – a lifetime of wealth.

Now, due to a powerful event I call “The Second Phase,” the gains will accelerate. And I believe it can unlock 10 lifetimes’ worth of gains over the next 365 days.

Here’s the thing, though…

This event is only programmed to take place once. It’s never set to happen again in crypto history. So I’m doing something I’ve never done before…

On Wednesday, November 3 at 8 p.m. ET, I’m sharing the name of my No. 1 Tech Royalty to buy now… plus a special bonus for event VIPs (see my P.S. below).

On top of that, I’ll release details on the six Tech Royalties I believe can build 10 lifetimes of wealth over the next 365 days.

So, click here to join me on Wednesday, November 3 at 8 p.m. ET, and I’ll show you precisely what you need to do to potentially make a fortune from Tech Royalties.

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As I mentioned above, on the night of the big event, I’ll reveal my No. 1 Tech Royalty cryptocurrency to all who attend…

And for the first time ever, I’m going to release my premium research on this crypto for free… but only to event VIPs.

To maintain discretion, this report is password protected – and the password will only be given out during the event.

Click here to learn more…

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