Palm Beach Program | The most unusual 7-figure wealth technique

You’re going to love the moneymaking opportunity my friend Mark Ford has agreed to share with us…

It’s a strategy for generating more money in a seven-year period than most traders and investors will ever see in a lifetime.

Mark is one of the coolest (and richest) guys I know. He has a huge mansion on the water in South Florida. A personal fortune north of $50 million.  All the fun, exotic cars a guy could want.

Several nights a week, you can find him at a well-known cigar bar, BS’ing with his buddies and enjoying wine. And on most days, you can find him taking on guys half his age in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which he’s been practicing for 16 years now.

Mark has this lifestyle–and his wealth–from a wealth building system he stumbled across decades ago. After putting it into place in his own life, Mark found himself rocketed from typical middle-class suburbia to the richest 1% in America. And thanks to this system… during the crash of 2008, he managed to actually MAKE money, while most people were getting hosed.

Mark’s strategy has nothing to do with stocks or options. But it’s incredibly simple to learn:

Shaun Hansen says he’s made $20,000 in less than 60 days.

And Carl Wyland says:

“My profits and bottom line have grown every single day and in some cases by the thousands. I am looking forward to many years of financial freedom.”

And again… they’re generating income without stocks, bonds, or any other conventional investment.

So how does it work? Well, I recommend you click here to see the strategy in action.

I can guarantee you won’t hear about this approach anywhere else.

For example, one of Mark’s methods lets you earn thousands of dollars every month—from home—just by writing an email or two.  And it’s not “writing” in an academic way…it’s more like having a conversation with a friend.

Another of Mark’s techniques lets you take advantage of a currency loophole created by the Chinese government…but without having to invest in foreign currencies or stocks.

I guarantee you’ve never seen a wealth strategy like this.

Click here for the full details.

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