John Carter Simpler Options | Rare Legendary Trading Day RECORDED

We often hear about legendary trades. You know, the ones that we find ourselves daydreaming about. We hear stories about life changing trading days…
Just hoping we could hit just ONE of those.
And LONGING to see one in ‘real life’.
Stop longing, hoping, and dreaming and WATCH THIS
Legendary trader John Carter had a pretty good day recently… where he recorded live his 223k trading day! This was recorded in his REAL money accounts…

  • 97k on Apple
  • 93k on Google
  • 104k on Priceline

John will show you exactly how he traded the above trades, what he did right, what he did wrong, and what YOU can do to trade like this. And he points out what a ‘small account’ really is and how the overall goal is to have an income source by growing it to big account!
Watch the video here

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