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Everyone knows that in Forex, the banks are making a fortune at the expense of you and I. Believe me, retail traders will never win the battle against the banks.

But now, my subscribers are being given an exclusive opportunity to profit from the same strategy that the banks use, 100% free…

Momentics Trading Indicator FREE DOWNLOAD – Get Access Here

How do I know? I don’t want to completely spoil his amazing story, but I have been fortunate enough to become closely acquainted with an ex-Swiss bank programmer. After trading managed multi-million dollar accounts for years, he is now getting ready to reveal EVERYTHING he knows!

I have spoken with him on numerous occasions, and I can tell you he is a great teacher. In his upcoming training sessions, you will see that this guy really knows what he’s talking about. Thankfully, he takes complex strategies and teaches them in a way that makes it very easy to learn…even for the novice trader.

But remember, he’s also a programmer. He doesn’t just stop at teaching his strategies…he develops proven tools that will implement them for you.

Which brings me back to this amazing indicator. He told me that the Bank’s strategy accomplishes 3 things:

1) Identify specific zones where they can dominate the market.

2) Create momentum that drives their trades into profit.

3) Lock in profits before the rest of the market adjusts to the trade.

It tells you exactly when to trade, works on any currency pair and time frame and has a win rate of 72-90%. What more can you ask for?

Well…you can rest assured knowing that you are fighting WITH the banks, and not AGAINST them. Are you ready to “piggy back” their trades like he does?

Momentics Trading Indicator FREE DOWNLOAD – Get Access Here

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