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Imagine you’re reviewing your trades for last year and this is what you see…

  • * 595 trades – 519 winners (87%)
  • * 1,628 pips per month on average
  • * 19,545 total pip gain for the year

Those are not imaginary or hypothetical tests, though…

Every one of those trades was called in real-time in front of a LIVE audience in the Forex Target Trading Live Room hosted by Scott Barkley (a REAL trader).

And here is what is so cool and so different than the average garbage you are used to:

Those pip gains are reported by students of Scott’s in his room NOT Scott himself.

The success of Scott really doesn’t mean anything if you can’t follow along and replicate what he’s doing.

I am so sick of these self-proclaimed millionaire traders who show you their stats and then try to sell you something when you have no idea if they can help YOU regardless of whether or not they are successful themselves.

That is what makes Scott so different. It is not about him making money, it is about YOU making money.

So to prove that you can make money by being in his room, learning his approach and following his trades, he is offering a 10 Day free VIP pass to his trading room.

Sign up for your Free VIP Pass Here

See, Scott doesn’t tell you how great he is and then try to sell you a mystery system—he let’s you experience his trading room and lets you get your own results!

For over 12 years, he’s been patiently teaching target trading to a small, underground group. 

His method is simple and deadly accurate.

Scott has kindly agreed to offer a 10 Day VIP pass for traders who are sick of the typical FX garbage and want to experience something that works.

Now, because this is a big deal, tons of people are on board with Scott’s VIP pass and emails are being sent left and right for access. That means you need to Claim your VIP

pass Right Now so you don’t miss out.

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Scott has been doing this for a long time and the amount of testimonials from his traders is ridiculous. I am excited to hear about YOUR results in his room, so make sure that you

sign up and show up so you have something to share!

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