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Mark Skousen is out with a new marketing campaign for his Forecasts & Strategies advisory, featuring The Biden Disaster Plan. Find out what are Mark Skousen’s picks here.

Mark Skousen The Biden Disaster Plan – Watch the presentation here

Wages are declining. Prices are jumping. And the stock market’s booming is long gone.

It’s not unexpected that many of the tech stocks that formerly dominated the Nasdaq are declining almost as quickly as Biden’s approval ratings.

According to Dr. Mark Skousen, who is the guest in this presentation, things will only become worse over the next two years. He predicts that there will be even greater shortages in the upcoming months. Prices will rise quicker. And pandemonium will rule in the world economy.

As a result, some stocks will entirely crash, destroying unprepared investors.

However, according to Dr. Skousen, other stocks will prosper precisely because of the unfolding Biden disaster.

Investors that understand this predicament and implement a “Biden Disaster Plan,” according to him, will do extremely well.

Who is Mark Skousen?

Previously, Mark was a CIA economist. He has given lectures and classes at Ivy League schools like Columbia. He has served as the Foundation for Economic Education’s president. He has written more than twenty books on finance, economics, and history.

Mark has been very correct in predicting some of the largest economic changes to have occurred in the world over the course of your 40-year career.

He predicted the 1987 crash, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the 1990s tech boom, the 2008 housing catastrophe, and many more.

Dr. Skousen believes the next two years will be a “Biden Disaster”.  Here are the details:

Stages of the Biden Disaster

Stage 1: Destroying American Energy Independence

Here is why based on Dr. Skousen’s interview:

Biden suspended the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office.

Then he stopped all oil and gas leases and permits on federal lands.

He put a stop on drilling in some of our most oil-rich states, like Texas and Alaska.

He started to increase the bonds, royalties, and other expenses. increasing the cost significantly for American drillers.

In short, he made every effort to destroy the American energy sector.

America’s oil surplus has turned into a large deficit! It was not difficult to predict that Americans will pay the price. Energy costs are skyrocketing across America.

As costs rise for both individuals and corporations, they must cut back on hiring and giving out raises, and everywhere else. They have to raise prices.

And as a result, businesses earn less money and worse stock performance.

Stage 2: Deadly combination of runway Inflation and raising interest rates.

In our country, living expenses are soaring. So, what caused this situation?

Mark is a true believer that this is first a pandemic response, and second – printing trillions of dollars to keep the economy afloat. The free money the government was handing out.

The only solution to the out-of-control inflation is to raise interest rates. And this is going to slam the brakes on businesses across the country and hurt many stocks.

Stage 3: Mass Global Shortages

As per Mark numerous industries are expected to experience protracted shortages in the next years, which will have a negative effect on the US economy.

Much of it is already here. I’m sure you have seen it.

Dr. Mark Skousen’s Biden Disaster Plan

The Biden Disaster Plan Step # 1

Dr. Skousen believes that some companies are going to continue to get hit hard. But there also will be one big winner out of this energy crisis. Here are the clues he gives out in his interview:

It is an American energy company. It already operates existing wells, processing pipelines, storage operations, export/import terminals…

The company set 17 financial operating records last year. Because of the rising prices, it saw record margins in three of its four business segments.

Revenue increased 50% last year, a jump of $13 billion.

The yield it pays out is almost 10%.

It is going to hit record revenue quarter after quarter. Mark believes it will give 10X potential if you get in now.

This company is the primary target to become Europe’s energy provider.

If you haven’t figured out which is this company based on the clues, you can read more information in the report called “America’s #1 Energy Stock.”

America’s #1 Energy Stock

In this report you will find also the ticker symbol and instructions how to buy this company.

Biden Disaster Plan: Step # 2

The second investment Mark is recommending is a venture capital investment.

This venture capital firm invests in small businesses that are vital to the success of our country.

The firm has grown remarkably consistently over the last three presidencies. It almost doubles the investment for each year you hold it.

And the company’s dividend is almost five times bigger than the average S&P stock.

America’s #1 Small Business Investment

Again, Mark does not share the name with his audience. If you are interested, all the details you need to buy the stock are in his report called “America’s #1 Small Business Investment.”

This is free report that he will be sending as part of The Biden Disaster Plan.

Biden Disaster Plan Step # 3

There is a company that Mark believes is going to 10X as a result of the global chip crisis. Here are the clues he is sharing with us:

It is an American semiconductor and transistor company that provides all things electronic. Their customers are Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, Phillips, and many more.

The company beats sales expectations for four consecutive quarters.

Net income is up 600% over the last 1-year.

It is going from $58 million in profits to $442 million.

The stock currently is trading at just four times earnings. Compare with average S&P stock trade at 26 times earnings. This is an incredible opportunity.

America’s #1 Chip Crisis Stock

Everything you need to know is in the third report as part of The Biden Disaster Plan, called “America’s #1 Chip Crisis Stock.”

How to Get Biden Disaster Plan for FREE?

For the past 40 years Mark has published a special advisory called Forecasts & Strategies. For short time during his current promotion, he is offering the entire Biden Disaster Plan for FREE as a bonus to all who take a risk-free trial.

What is Forecasts & Strategies?

In each issue readers find valuable information about broad economy – interest rates, inflation, trade, taxes, government regulations, etc.

Subscribers can count on Mark’s experience to receive investment ideas on how to protect themselves and how to profit in any market.

What is included in Forecasts & Strategies subscription?

If you join now, you will receive the following as part of the current promotion:

  • Access to all three reports as part of Biden Disaster Plan. This includes

– America’s #1 Energy Stock
– America’s #1 Small Business Investment
– America’s #1 Chip Crisis Stock

  • 12 monthly issues of Forecasts & Strategies, conveniently delivered to your mailbox and your inbox every month
  • 52 weekly e-mail Hotline updates, plus urgent e-mail Special Alerts as needed — all of which you can also receive by calling my telephone Hotline!
  • 24/7 access to the subscriber-only section of the Forecasts & Strategies website, where you’ll have access to all current advice, portfolios, special reports, plus archives of back issues and recent articles.
  • Exclusive access to invitation-only private meetings with Mark at the MoneyShows held several times a year around the globe.
  • One-on-one discussions with Mark and other subscribers during quarterly conference calls to discuss the latest investment information you need to know to profit.
  • Investing Master Class from Consistent Profits. You’ll learn the seven pillars that can help you rig the markets for your success, three elements to increase your trading results in surprising ways, learn how you can better control your long-term profitability… and more. You’ll also get a 30–45-minute one-on-one coaching session with one of their experts.
  • Concierge Service, set to help you with any questions that may arise.

How much is Forecasts & Strategies subscription?

Mark’s goal is to make his product available to everyone. That’s why the price for one-year subscription to Forecasts & Strategies is heavily discounted. You can choose from the following subscriptions:

  • Platinum subscription for $77. It includes everything in the Gold subscription along with special report called Forecasts & Strategies Quick Start Guide.
  • Diamond Elite subscription for one year for $149. It includes everything in the Gold and Platinum subscriptions plus special report The Secret Backdoor into Private Equity Riches.
  • Gold Subscription for $49.95 is basic online subscription to Forecast & Strategies that includes The Biden Disaster Plan.

New subscribers have 30-day money back guarantee to allow everyone to try it out.

Final words

Mark’s current portfolio has 17 stocks in it. The average gain with dividends is up 57%. He has been remarkably accurate in calling the top stocks each year. Make sure you read readers revir=ews before you make your final decision.

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