TradeSafe Mechanical Trading System Unbiased Review

20-year professional trader, Mike Guess has perfected a method of earning 2% while only risking $100 on a trade. Mike is known mostly for his work with trading all the mini-indexes, but his method works for futures and FX as well.

Join Michael Guess, founder of TradeSafe, as he reveals how YOU can average 2% to 4%+ daily ROI without risking more than $100 per contract.

You’ll learn Mike’s four easy trade entry steps and see how a true Mechanical System gives you a winning edge. Now you can confidently enter trades with less than $100 risk and always know exactly where to exit – no guesswork.

Each of our 4 automated exit strategies is tailored for current market conditions. Enjoy precision entries and exits with absolute tolerances as only a true Mechanical System can give you – Consistently.

Register now for this webinar and learn how you can finally achieve the real Holy Grail of trading: Consistency. Watch Michael Guess pull back the curtain on his cycles-based Master Chart Settings so that you can automatically select the optimum automated exit strategy to milk each trade’s potential.


Everyone who registers for Webinar will be eligible to get a no-obligation free hour of offline personal coaching.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how YOU can achieve 2% – 4%+ daily ROI and never risk >$100 per contract
  • Know exactly where and when to exit, automatically and mechanically. NO guessing!
  • Watch how our Master Trend Indicator signals trends precisely!
  • New! Congestion Alert Indicator warns when you get breakouts or fake outs
  • Trade a precise, rules-based, automated Mechanical System – – NOT your emotions
  • Stop losing and begin winning on a consistent basis — mechanically
  • Watch Mike trade the TradeSafe System with easy rules you can follow

Want to stop guessing where and how to enter your trades? Want to always exit your trades at the highest potential profit point? How about generating a daily ROI average of 2% to 4% or more?


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