The Robinhood Effect: How’s Roger Scott’s NEW Trading Strategy?

Roger Scott has spotted a massive shift in the markets, and it could change the way people invest for the next decade.

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Roger puts all the credit on the new “Robinhood Effect” he’s found…
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What’s Roger Scott’s Robinhood Effect?

A lot of BIG gains just happened. If you followed the usual Wall Street suspects – you made the wrong move – but so did 99% of traders worldwide!

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A massive shift is happening in the markets… And Roger Scott wants to help you get in on the action.

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According Roger Scott:

While certain traders have been snagging some massive gains,
99% of the world has missed out.

Huge amounts of capital are flooding the market as we speak, but not from the usual Wall Street suspects.
What could be one of the biggest market shifts in history is taking place…

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Meet Roger Scott

As a commodity broker and hedge fund trader, Roger has 25 years of experience trading everything from corn futures to stock options and ETFs.

He ran his first fund with two Ivy League economists – both of whom have been advisors to the White House during multiple presidencies. Later he ran a fund with one of Richard “Prince of the Pit” Dennis’ original “Trading Turtles” – the group of beginners who earned $175 million in profits in 5 years. Over a 10 year stretch, Roger’s strategies turned $20 million into roughly $740 million. At one point, he had some $900 million under management. His clients have included one of the 10 wealthiest families on Earth.

In 2008, Roger started his first trading education and advisory company. He’s since helped thousands or traders and investors get an edge in the market. He’s been featured on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg and Fox Business. Now he’s the Senior Trader at WealthPress.

The trading strategies he’s developed all have pretty stunning track records. One of them alone would have turned every $10,000 into $3.31 million since 2010. Only this time he’s not doing it for the 1% of the 1%. Roger Scott is putting his decades of experience to work for you.

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Is the Robinhood Effect Moving the Stock Market Now?

A report from BCA Research published June 22nd, finds Robinhood users are moving into speculative bets at an incredible rate, radically increasing holdings in three groups of stocks — airlines, cruise ships and mortgage REITs.

What’s happening: “Retail investors have provided institutions with an opportunity to exit stocks in the three stressed groups,” Doug Peta, BCA’s chief U.S. investment strategist, writes in the note.

  • “Stocks from the groups we highlighted all face daunting current predicaments. They might deliver sizable returns if they can emerge mostly unscathed, but that is a big if.”
  • “They have come to account for an outsized share of Robinhood customers’ holdings, especially relative to their market capitalizations.”

By the numbers: The number of Robinhood accounts owning airlines, cruise ships and selected mortgage REITs has “exploded since late March,” Peta says.

  • The number of Robinhood accounts holding six large- and mid-cap airlines has risen by 48 times its Feb. 19 level, with component holdings of United and Spirit increasing at 87 and 81 times, respectively.
  • The number of Robinhood accounts holding REITS like Invesco Mortgage Capital, MFA Financial and AG Mortgage Investment Trust — which BCA notes “all failed to meet margin calls from their repo lenders and have either suspended or cut dividends” — has risen 93-fold, on average, since the S&P 500 peaked in February.

By contrast, holdings of Apple and the iShares and Vanguard S&P 500 Index ETFs have only doubled since the February market peak.

Of note: The only thing all three groups have in common is that they have fallen significantly in price since the Feb. 19 high.

The big picture: Retail investors may be leading the charge, but the recent surges in many of the stocks BCA examined suggest that “algorithms, hedge-funds and other fast-money pools of capital may be amplifying the momentum that retail activity has set in motion.”

Watch this space: Retail traders also could be making up for the lack of stock buybacks, Goldman Sachs strategists argue in a note to clients.

  • While they expect net corporate demand to plunge 80% to $100 billion this year as companies slow down buybacks and ramp up stock sales to increase cash holdings, the decline is being partly offset by a roughly $270 billion increase in demand from households.




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Roger Scott’s Robinhood Effect Event: Detailed Information

There’s an all new breakthrough in the stock market that Roger Scott wants you to turn your attention to. It has the power to potentially 3X your investment as early as this week.

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Roger Scott’s Robinhood Effect: Final Word

If you’re like most investors, you wait for the Wall Street insiders to flood a stock with capital before you try to piggyback on their trades.…

If you had tried to use that move last week, you would have lost your shirt!

A massive shift is happening in the markets right now…
The money isn’t coming from Wall Street… Not anymore!

Let Roger Scott show you the secret behind this GIANT shift…

And join him on his next big trade!

It’s the kind of opportunity that may only come once a generation…
In fact, it’s so HUGE that your grandkids may read about in school!

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