The Greatest Financial Story Never Told

Intel like this rarely ever leaks outside the inner circles of the U.S. financial and political elite. It’s as jealously guarded as the missing 18 minutes of the Nixon Watergate tapes. That’s why this message is so important. John Thomas – the “Mad Hedge Fund Trader” – is the definition of an insider.

He helped found the hedge fund industry with George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones and David Tepper. Each of the last six U.S. presidents has counted on him for advice and counsel. Even former CIA Director David Petraeus has relied on his expertise.

Over the last 5 years his portfolio has been up 39.19% per year… Over the last 3 months, he’s up a stunning 63%! Now he’s making his most important forecast yet…

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In it, John outlines proof that Wall Street, Fox News, MSNBC, the White House, the Federal Reserve and your must trusted investment newsletters are all lying. They’re all predicting economic catastrophe, and a return to the Great Recession. Some are even calling for skyrocketing unemployment and a stock market collapse to Dow 3,000…

The truth? We won’t hit 3,000 – we’ll hit Dow 278,000 instead!

I know – it sounds crazy. If anyone else was making this call – I’d never have believed it. But it’s not anyone – it’s John Thomas. And that’s not something you can ignore. Not unless you want to be obliterated in history’s greatest short squeeze…

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You’re about to hear the shocking truth behind the second American “golden age” – and your once in a lifetime opportunity to turn every $10,000 you invest into $5,352,450. You’ll also learn about multiple 10x bagger investments that are set to explode in the coming economic boom. Each of which could double or triple your portfolio.

Just like Baidu which John recommended in 2009… It’s stock rocketed 20-fold from $12 to $240. Or Tesla – which he touted in 2010… The shares soared 18 times, from $16 to $292. Or Cheniere Energy… Which popped 14-fold from $6 to $85.

Unless you want to miss out on returns like that – you need to read this immediately…

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