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In 2006, investor Peter Thiel was talked into avoiding a mistake that would have cost him about $900 million.

Instead, he and Mark Zuckerberg declined Yahoo’s offer to buy Facebook. That near miss ended up making Peter one of the most successful investors ever… and over $900 million dollars richer.

In fact, the lesson he learned formed a foundational principle of his investment strategy. Oddly enough, it’s an investment secret that has nothing to do with numbers.

You’ll find this secret and others in James Altucher’s recently released report: The Spectacular Seven: An Inside Look At How Seven of the World’s Greatest Investors Discover “Investments of a Lifetime.”

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While James is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, he is NOT a formally trained investor. He doesn’t have an MBA and he doesn’t even have a business degree.

Not only has this NOT stopped him, it’s actually the reason he is able to see opportunities others miss.

What James lacks in formal “qualifications,” he makes up for with results. Like a 6,000% return on his investment in social media company Buddy Media. And a 2,900% return on a startup called Ticketfly.

While there is absolutely no cost or obligation to receive your copy of his report, time to get one is running out.

To get Peter’s secret and James’ projections (using that secret) for what other opportunities could be on Peter’s radar, request your copy of this report today.

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