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There’s a lot of talk about how to beat the market or generate consistent gains, but few have the proof to support it like this…

MarketGauge just released a PDF and video with proof of a shockingly simple way to identify stocks right before they dramatically outperform the market in the short and long-term!

When a stock meets the criteria you’ll learn in this free training

You can expect its average return over the next 30 days to be 3x that of the QQQ, and over 60, 90 and 180 days you can expect it to outperform by 2.5x, and it gets better…

Watch this video and discover how easily you can identify exactly when a select group of stocks will begin market beating trends that frequently deliver 10%-30% returns in the first 30 days, and go one to make triple digit percentage moves in the following months!

This is perfect for you if you like to catch big multi-week moves trading stocks or options, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time analyzing charts.


The Wall Street Legend Who Picked Apple in 2003 and Bitcoin in 2016 – Shares #1 Pick for the 2020s


It’s not 5G, artificial intelligence, or the internet of things.

The answer will surprise you. And, for those who take early action, it could lead to an eventual $1.6 million payout.

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The trades provide immediate gains, massive market moves, and the rules of the strategy are so simple a 5th grader could follow them, because…

  • You’ll know the trade’s entry price weeks in advance, so you won’t miss the trades even if only like to trade part-time.
  • You don’t need advanced software to execute or follow the trades, because your stop is based on a simple percentage decline.
  • You don’t need to follow the markets closely, because your exit targets can be adjusted according to your desired time frame. AND you can use this to create trades that last weeks, months or even multiple years!
  • The trades are a result of a statistical edge that provides you with a historically proven, high probability of outperforming the market in the short-term and long-term.
  • You can profit from these trades with any account size, easily enhance them with simple option strategies, and use it in your IRA.
  • It trades high quality, institutionally followed stocks so you don’t get burned by highly speculative situations.

The secret to the success and simplicity of this system is due to a market condition that has a massive statistical edge for traders who know how and when to trade it!

This report and video will show you exactly HOW and WHEN you can easily profit from this special market condition!

See the proof for yourself here, and grab the stocks that are set up right now with this high probability trading condition (they’re in the free video)!

So don’t hesitate. This report will not be free for very long.

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