Triple Digit Gains From These Stocks

In this report Todd Mitchell is going to outline the three of the biggest factors that sabotage the majority of stocks, options and ETF traders and show you the steps that you can take to avoid falling into this trap! One of the most interesting things that I’ve learned over the past 22 years of … Read more

Nasdaq Titans | Weird market pattern

Want the potential to see a big increase in your portfolio? An interesting and profitable pattern first appeared in 2010. 0.95 < 1.5 < 0.66 This unique pattern triggered double digit gains in three different Blue Chip stocks. Once the pattern occurred the stocks started upward and two weeks later you could have cashed out … Read more

Have you ever heard about these forbidden numbers?

We just watched an interesting video about how one trader finds powerful moves in the market over and over again. Up until the early 1980’s, Wall Street was even more of an “old boys” club than it is today. You got in with the right connections – and the right Ivy League pedigree. Your actual … Read more