The Option Triggers With 100% Accuracy

The pattern is getting a bit scary. When these Three Triggers fire… Chuck Hughes spots a potential option trade. The last 34 trades he’s taken have all ended in profit – with an average return of 223.5%. Yes – that’s a 100% win rate. What makes this even more incredible? Some 70-80% of ALL options … Read more

Revealed:Options Trading Made Easy

Did you know that trading options can be your safest and easiest way to turn a modest retirement account into a steady income? It’s true.  Why not see for yourself? Chuck Hughes created a brand new course… written in plain English with loads of graphics, so even the most novice trader will feel confident… That … Read more

Volatility spells Perpetual Income | Chuck Hughes Wealth Creation Alliance

Forget what you’ve been told. You do NOT need hundreds of thousands of dollars in your IRA to retire comfortably. Especially when the market is this volatile! Download this free eBook and learn how you can turn a few hundred dollars into a lavish lifestyle… starting right now… for FREE. Hughes Perpetual Money Machine [pdf] … Read more

Wealth Creation Alliance by Chuck Hughes Free Download | Chuck Hughes Wealth Creation Alliance Program

Chuck Hughes Wealth Creation Alliance is a complete options course including full instruction in the techniques that have made Chuck Hughes over $4.4 million in the last 4 years. The Wealth Creation Alliance course components include an options trading manual, supporting DVDS, bi-weekly videos, the opportunity to attend a live trading seminar annually & Chuck’s … Read more