James Altucher’s Newest Prediction | Making 1,000% gains with venture capital ideas

Today James Altucher is making a first-ever prediction. He predicts you could make multiple times your money over the coming months… with a single “top 1%” trade. It’s an approach to investing you might not be unfamiliar with… but it’s personally helped James Altucher make over $10 million – in good markets and bad. In … Read more

How to make $3 billion by LOSING $10 billion | Altucher Hedge Fund Network Alerts

Imagine if you could pull in $3 billion in fees by losing $10 billion of someone else’s money. That’s a pretty good gig, if you can get it. And that’s exactly what goes on in the world of the hedge fund. Take John Paulson… he pocketed a few billion dollars in fees while losing $10 … Read more