Swing Trading Millionaire | All questions answered | Nick Santiago & Gareth Saloway Review

There are three rules every trader should know if they’re looking to increase their trading income.

The 10 traders below share their own results after using these three rules.

The rules are part of a simple, yet powerful trading approach known as “P.P.T”

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Traders looking to generate a $100,000 a year income or more love this method once they try it. It’s easy to see why…

John C., reported, “What a week, over $9K and counting!”

A trader named Sergio used P.P.T and says, “Can’t beat breakfast with over five extra grand cashed in!”

Adrian R., uses it too: “I started trading with $2,000 about 6-7 months ago… got up to $50,000 back down to $35,000 and loving it… you guys are a big part of what has truly become my passion.”

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Maybe current income is not your goal.

If you trade because you want to build that rock-solid retirement account all the brokers always promised you but could never seem to deliver, then you might want to get the strategy that:

Chris H, is using because he reports, “My Ј100 spread bets made Ј18,000 just today. Can’t thank you enough!”

It’s the same method William uses. He recently reported, “Just wanted to say Awesome call to you and Nick on the SPY. I bought SPY puts on the day you and Nick called it and I’m up $25,000. Thanks again and truly god bless you guys!”

Another trader named Kellerman used this P.P.T. method, as well. The result? He says, “My account is up over 40% since I joined two months ago.”

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If you’ve always dreamed of making a full time living from your trading, then you might like to meet some of traders who accomplished exactly that once they switched to P.P.T. trading. Traders like Kelvin L. who said, “You guys [who taught him P.P.T.] made my dream of being a full time trader a reality.”

Or a trader named Ivan who says, “I made more today than I do working for my employer.”

Or Branden, who asked a great question after using the P.P.T. method. “$1,034 for an hour and half of work, where else can somebody do this?”

Bottom line: The P.P.T. method we’re going over today delivers in the world for traders just like you. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s not.

The only way to know one way or the other is for you to review how it works.

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