Stock Trading Mastery & Support Program by Fausto Pugliese | Is it Scam?

If you’ve ever wondered why it seems so hard to make money trading stocks you’re about to learn the real reason why.

The ugly truth is that when you are trading stocks—any stock—you’re competing against the best traders on Wall Street who have a vested interest in faking you out so they can make more money.

Norman Hallett & The Disciplined Trader would like to introduce Fausto Pugliese, 12-time MoneyShow Trading Champion and self-made millionaire who retired at age 22!

Here are few words from Fausto:

“As a former broker on Wall Street I’ve seen it up close.  But even I didn’t realize how bad it has gotten today. You have NO CLUE what you are getting into if you try to go it alone.  The good news is you don’t have to.

Since leaving Wall Street at a very young age, I have used these same tricks to beat them at their own game. I’ve become a multi-millionaire and semi-retired by the age of 22. Now I want to share some of these tricks they are pulling with you.

Fausto videoIn my exclusive FREE video I explain “on the record,” and in great detail…

  • The disturbing nature of their traps, head-fakes, and reverse psychology behind almost every trade and how they are using this against you.
  • How they play both sides of a trade and work together against you.  All perfectly legal.
  • A now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t trick brokers use called Refreshing that suckers in buyers at the absolute worst time.
  • And much more! 

Don’t trade another share of stock until you watch this video!

Once you see it you are going to agree that it is quite disturbing how these market makers are playing the game.

But today, thanks to new technologies and trading platforms, brokerage firms and their dirty little secrets are now exposed!

The playing field is level IF you know how to spot their dirty little games. Knowing this ahead of time and understanding how to spot these shenanigans as they are happening can help put more money in your pocket than you ever thought possible.

Let me show you how this can happen for you.

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