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A “new” strategy got leaked a few weeks ago – one that ran a $40 million dollar fund. The underlying algorithms of this secret strategy were developed by a broker to monitor what retail traders do and basically trade the opposite.

The details of ProfitStream are nothing short of amazing. This is a direct result of 10+ programmers working for 3 years and spending millions of dollars to develop a strategy to trade opposite of the retail trader of which 89.3% lose 100% of their account within 4 years!

An insider who was on the development team inside the brokerage has been racking up huge profits year in and out, for five years, using this “silent killer”.

It’s been a very well-kept secret but when you watch the video, your eyes will be opened to what could be the simplest, most elegant, brilliant strategy ever invented.

And the most shocking part is how it makes money on autopilot – by doing the exact opposite trades of a very specific group of traders who make the most common mistakes and suffer continual losses.

It’s genius. And has never been shown to the public before.

The video shows you the ins and outs of this powerful, completely legal and unique way to make money with Forex to build real wealth. The fund did even better than expected, until the regulators called it an “unfair advantage” and a “conflict of interest” and BANNED them from using it.

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The ProfitStream literally makes money by looking at trading data from losing traders, and basing its decision off that. Although it’s banned for institutions and brokers, it’s NOT banned for the small traders it was designed to take advantage of! This is the ONLY video with the full scoop on a phenomenal strategy unlike anything that has ever been seen.

ProfitStream shows why nearly 90% of all retail traders lose 100% of their money in four years and how you can actually use this fact to ensure you are not one of the people it’s banking on. It’s powerful, completely legal and a unique way to make money online to build real wealth, so register and check it out or you may end up being one of the losing traders that it makes money


It’s that powerful, and it was making money off YOUR bad trades. The only way to stop it from making money off your mistakes.

Well, you’ll find out in the video…

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