Power Stock Trading Strategies Program by Dave Lukas and Todd Mitchell | Is it Scam?

Todd Mitchell, Dave Lukas, Doc Severson and Trading Concepts Inc will be releasing their new service Power Stock Trading Strategies 2.0 this February 2013.

Power Stock Trading Strategies 2.0 mentoring program consists of fully supported student training and mentoring provided personally from Todd, Dave and Doc. Initial induction into the training program is through a series of easy to understand videos that are detailed, full of information and as you work your way through them, you realize how important each and every video is.

What’s inside the Power Stock Trading Strategies 2.0?

Millionaire Trader’s MindMap

–  Module 1 – Welcome & Course Overview

–  Module 2 – The Traders Progression

Ask any professional trader, and they will tell you that their most effective trading weapon is their Mindset and Attitude. This is usually not something that they’re born with….they had to work on it to learn to think differently to make it in this business.

One of the first things that you need to build that Millionaire Trader’s Mindmap….is to determine where you are in your development as a Trader. Those with more of the “right” experience…or those that dedicate themselves to learning the right mindset skills the first time around will progress faster to profitability.

Your goal for this module of The Millionaire Trader’s Mindmap level is to identify which stage of the “Trader Progression” that you’re in, so that you can apply some of the techniques that we’ll discuss as we go through this level, and through the program.

–  Module 3 – The Traders Mindset

The mindset required to be successful in Trading is no different than the mindset required to be successful in anything else in life. Perhaps the most important thing that’s required before success can take hold is VISION.

What you see happening in “your mind’s eye” is what is possible for you.

–  Module 4 – Trader Management & Business Plan

In this module of the Millionaire Trader’s Mindmap level of this program, we’re going to cover Trader Management. If you’re running your trading business by yourself, which most people do, you have to not only be your own manager, but also your own coach/therapist/psychologist. It can be overwhelming at times in that everything seems to come at you at once, and always when you’re least prepared to handle it.

Fortunately, most of this stuff is relatively easy to address with simple techniques, so we can save the brainpower for important things like reading the Market and managing positions.

–  Module 5 – Thinking like a Contrarian

–  Module 6 – Trader Assessment

Please read my Power Stock Trading Strategies Review for more information. You will get detailed information what comes with the program.

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