Jeff Brown #1 AI Stock and #1 EV pick: The Final Wave

In the latest “Tech Minute” presentation, Chris Hurt (the host) is talking with Jeff Brown about what is coming and Brown’s The Final Wave prediction.

We always want to give you an update what are market gurus’ predictions and how they prepare for the upcoming.

Considering the inflation, supply, and labor shortages, it seems like every day the market does 180. Many people are confused what to try to figure out what to do with their money. It is the time where an extreme caution is needed.

In this presentation Jeff Brown shares what he sees coming over the next 12 months, his 2022-2023 “playbook”, and specific investments he thinks we should avoid in what he calls “The Final Wave”.

What is Jeff Brown’s The Final Wave?

Jeff calls “The Final Wave” the next wave of price movements in the market. He sees a trouble ahead. His prediction is that S&P 500 could fall additional 20-25%.

Many people expect the “big crash” to happen any day now, but Jeff doesn’t think this is the case. He doesn’t believe we’ll see big crash before sometime early next year. He even gives out specific time – January or February 2023.

Most people fear the crash will be triggered by the Fed raising interest rates aggressively to manage the inflation. Jeff said “there’s no way the Fed will do that in any significant fashion. At least not this year.” Because this is an election year, and they do not want to crash the market another 20-25% leading into midterm election.

There is not much time left because

The Crash Has Already Started

Something strange has been going on in the stock market for a while now. Especially with Nasdaq. Here is a chart of Nasdaq Index. Let’s focus on tech stocks. The NASDAQ has over 2,500 different tech stocks.

As you can see, by the end of last year, it was UP about 20%. But if we take out the five biggest stocks like Apple and Amazon, instead of being up 20%, The NASDAQ was actually down 20%!

A lot of people are investing in these “bargain” tech stocks. Jeff believes that many of these stocks could sink another 80%!

Of course, the fall will not apply to all tech stocks. Some stocks are overpriced, but others are real bargains right now. This means there are opportunities right now!

If you get out of the market right now because you are afraid of potential lost, you are missing potential big gains. Also, consider the fact that inflation will eat your savings.

The truth is that it is incredibly hard to pinpoint exactly when a system-wide crash will occur.

What are Jeff Brown’s stocks to avoid?

Here are the stocks that Jeff Brown suggests you should stay away:

  • TuSimple – Cathie Woods from ARK investment owns over 300,000 shares in her funds, but Jeff says he would stay clear from them.
  • Intel is currently owned by 35 different Congressmen. Even though it is down close to 30%, it is NOT a buy
  • Oracle of Omaha is the one that needs to fall 80% before Jeff would consider recommending it. This is his #1-rated “toxic” tech stock right now no matter that it is very popular and even Warren Buffett has a large stake in it.

If you would like to read more details about Jeff’s “toxic” stocks, we recommend you reading his report called Toxic Tech: 10 Tech “Darlings” to Dump Right Now.

We should mention here that his last report had 5 stocks to avoid. Now they are double that number.

Let’s move on to the “optimistic” side.

Jeff Brown’s two specific opportunities

They have big potential to be beneficiaries in The Final Wave.

What Is Jeff Brown’s AI Stock?

Jeff’s First opportunity right now is a technology that is on its way to solve massive, multi-billion-dollar problems like the labor shortage, the semi-conductor shortage, and America’s healthcare troubles.

He is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically, he calls it AI 3.0.

This is a company that’s powering the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence semiconductors.

Their technology “is the most difficult to replicate”. New Street Research estimate it would take China more than 10 years to catch up. With another words, this company is an absolute monopoly on this market. Right now, they are sitting on $31 Billion backlog of orders.

As of right now, it is an absolute steal. No wonder why the big players are lining up here. JP Morgan acquired 1 million shares, BlackRock got close to two million, and Fidelity bought 3.4 million shares.

Jeff put all the details of his #1 AI stock in a report called The $15.7 Trillion Revolution: The #1 AI Stock for 2022

Is Jeff Brown’s EV pick Legit?

Jeff’s second opportunity is one specific EV company that he believes will directly benefit from the government stimulus. In the last infrastructure bill $15 billion was set aside for electric vehicles.

Jeff describes this company as an EV company “in disguise” because no one in Wall Street is pricing this as an electric vehicle play. He believes this is a mistake because this company already operates in the space as they just won an award from the U.S. Department of Energy for their unique charging solution.

Once Wall Street corrects this mistake, Jeff estimates this company’s stock will jump up at least 190%.

Right now, it is tiny. Compared to Tesla it is 113 times smaller.

Vanguard already acquired 25 million shares. For the record, they also bought 3.5 million shares of Tesla before it shot up 57X.

You have the chance to read all details in Jeff’s report My New Stimulus Play: The “Secret” EV Charging Stock with Electric Potential.

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What Is The Near Future Report?

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Jeff and his team send out one new issue each month. In it they include the name of the investment they are recommending, why they think it will go up, the upside potential, how to buy it and the amount you should pay for it.

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Bottom Line: Should You Join The Near Future Report?

Current market needs close attention. We cannot simply ignore what is happening. The era of passive investing is over. We’ve entered a new era – the era of the stock picking. It is very important to be very careful and pay close attention. Or, at minimum, to follow somebody who does.

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