James Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory $500 Discount

There’s a saying, “you’re the average of the five people you surround yourself with.”

Normally this saying is applied to life experience. If you want to be positive, be successful, be a peak performer, a good parent, a good spouse, then the key is to be around other people who are the same.

This works. But it also applies to investing…

Be around good investors. People who are not in it for the hustle but are trying to find the real innovation that is occurring in companies all across America. I’ve been around these positive people for decades now, and it’s changed my life…

It’s where I get the investment advice I follow for my own investments.

And it’s important to me because I am in this for the long run. I want to make money this year, but I also want to make money to support my family…for life.

Significant money.

Money that beats the scammers on Wall Street. Money that beats the people who are just trying to hustle a quick buck. It’s hard to be in it for the long-term…it’s scary when things go down. That’s why I’m really glad that, even in the volatile market we’ve seen this year, the research service I launched last October has been solid, beating the S&P 500 by over 18%.

That’s good.

But remember, I research opportunities with significant money. So I wanted to tell you what I’m planning for this year… We have a lot more companies that we are researching. Some are taking advantage of the most innovative trends happening in America (and the world) right now.

Some that I think are going to be enormous for this newsletter. I’m really excited for the coming year. Oh, and here’s another thing.

I don’t want people to pay the enormous fees (that could number in the $10,000s depending on how much you are investing) that come with investing in things like hedge funds…

Plus I want you to see results right away.

There’s no reason why investing done right can’t be a viable income stream with as low of fees as possible.

So this is why I’m currently discounting my top 1% advisory by $500.

There are a lot of investment newsletters out there.

But I feel really lucky to have built up two decades of connections in hedge funds, banks, and all over the investment world to see the latest research, to see what my friends are investing in, and to learn everything I can to keep my edge in the cutthroat investment space.

Ultimately we are investing in innovation because that’s where the advantage is. That’s where enormous profits are.

And that’s what will hold strong in the long run regardless of market volatility.

 I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t believe it. Which is why, for I’m excited to offer this $500 discount.

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