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The ETF Complete Portfolio service provides access to a combination of 3 different ETF trading systems that are all able to be traded independently or together (this service) to create a portfolio of 9 ETFs that include 3 market sectors, 3 foreign countries, and 3 “global-macro” trends (commodities, VIX, currencies, etc).

The selection of the ETFs and the management of the portfolio is 100% determined by and automated system of rules, so the user can simply follow trade recommendations that are issued as end of day orders to be placed on the market open the following day.

The basic implementation of a 9 position portfolio since inception in 2008 has resulted in a 373% return vs. 48% for the S&P 500 as of June 2015.

This service will provide alerts when the trading system generates a new trade, and a model portfolio to be able to track all current and past trades.

As a result, this system can be used by traders to:

  • Follow the system that the model is trading
  • Use the trading alerts to identify the best stocks to swing trade, day trade, or trade with options right now.

Trade alerts are generated at the end of the day by, therefore…

  • This system can be used by part-time traders as well as full time traders.
  • No special software is required.

This offer will also include a 6 week Rapid Implementation Mentoring Program which will be 6 weekly live training and Q&A session focused on showing the traders how to trade using the tools, and systems in the program.

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