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Elemental Trader software is a full version of the Harmonic Pattern Recognition software. This software displays in very clear terms exactly when harmonic patterns have formed. When you see the pattern on any currency pair, there is an extremely high probability that the prevailing trend is going to reverse itself. The software is an “EA” for MetaTrader, which is the most common free trading platform, available from a wide variety of sources. You will get lifetime access to the full version of the pattern recognition software.

Anyone that has traded in the Forex market knows that making money is not an easy task. Even with state of the art software and a good eye for charts, most traders struggle just to break even. If this sounds like your situation, the Elemental Trader is for you. This software analyzes harmonic patterns for you, saving you time and energy when it comes to your currency trading. Harmonic price patterns are a highly accurate indicator, but before this program, you would need to spend hours going over price charts and other technical indicators in order to find winning patterns.

The Elemental Trader is a unique system as it focuses on the needs of individual traders, rather than one generic strategy. Each and every trader has different strengths and weaknesses. This package allows you to play to your strengths. It even allows you to choose the level of risk that you are most tolerant of.

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What’s Included in the Elemental Trader System?

The Elemental Trader Package consists of the following components:

  1. Pattern Recognition and Trade Alert Software This is much more than the free Metatrader indicator that they are giving away on the Elemental Trader website, it’s a separate piece of software that provides you with continuous analysis and specific trade calls directly from Derek Frey himself. You will know exactly when and why Derek trades a specific Harmonic pattern.
  2. A Detailed 6 Module Training CourseThis course teaches you everything you need to know about Harmonic pattern trading, how to use the pattern recognition software and most importantly – how to build a long term business around the Elemental Trader system.Module 1 is both your initial introduction to Harmonic pattern trading and the method’s foundations, and this forms the cornerstone of your education. You’ll be a better trader right from the get go, just by understanding some of the concepts such as probabilities, the importance of a trading plan, and how risk Management fits into the picture.

    Module 2 focuses in on the important Fibonacci ratios and how they apply to harmonic trading and discuss the Gartley Pattern, which is the basis of all harmonic trading. We also look at chart examples and how the Fibonacci ratios apply to the pattern.

    Once you have mastered the Gartley Pattern, Module 3 takes you into the heart of the three other main Harmonic patterns used in the Elemental Trader system, the crab, the butterfly, and the bat.

    Module 4 is an in-depth look at the pattern recognition software, and how to fine tune it for your own personal needs and preferences. Trade management and scaling are also examined in this module to help you maximize your profit on each trade. You’d be amazed how a few extra pips here and there, over time, can become a small fortune, so scaling your trades properly is a lucrative skill to learn.

    If you’ve been around the FOREX block once or twice, you know that everyone tells you how important it is to develop and stick to a personal trading plan, but no one ever shows you what a trading plan looks like, or what elements should be on it! How can you stay within guidelines that are safe for you with your unique circumstances, if the trading plan doesn’t exist, so Module 5 is entirely dedicated to the development of your personal trade plan, and when you complete this module, you will have your own personal trading plan in hand so that you are truly ready to trade like a professional trader.

    Module 6 focuses on teaching you to run your trading like a business. It’s a business that needs to turn a profit to sustain itself to build your wealth, so you must think of it in those terms. Two primary components of this are the risk-management and money management, and the team that put this course together has over 50 years of combined FOREX account management experience, and this trading maturity is built into the system.

  3. Live Trade RoomYou will also get acces to the live trade room where you can look over Derek Frey’s shoulder as he trades on his live account. The introductory offer will give you free access to this trade room for a month, after which you will be charged a monthly fee.
  4. Derek’s 8 Week Mentoring ProgramThis mentoring program gives students the opportunity to meet with Derek for one hour each week to discuss trade performance, receive advice on specific trade setups or ask any questions you may have.

In addition you will also receive a number of other bonuses like Derek’s “Quick Start Guide to Fast Profits”, his “Harmonic Pattern Blueprint” quick reference guide and exclusive access to other articles and training on the members only Elemental Trader website.

==> Download The Elemental Trader System Now

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