Dan Ferris Inflation Oil Royalty Stock Revealed

Billionaire investors are scooping up oil stocks in response to record U.S inflation.

  • Warren Buffett bought shares worth $8.8 billion…
  • Carl Icahn’s top 5 holdings are valued at nearly $4 billion…
  • And George Soros acquired stocks worth over $10 million

But if you’re thinking of buying oil, see this first.

In short: It’s becoming painfully obvious that massive inflation is here to stay.

And there’s no question oil could skyrocket as a result.

But there’s a “secret” to investing in oil right now.

You can’t just buy big names like Exxon (XOM) which has little upside…


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Nor should you take on a risky explorer or driller.

Instead, it’s a type of oil business you’ve probably never hear of…

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