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One of the worst things for any Active Trader is having to put up with choppy trading right?

It’s certainly great to catch a breakout on your favorite market.  Could be an e-Mini futures, your favorite forex pair or even stock symbol. The problem is every market goes through a series of choppy trading.  When that happens we tend to wrack up a lot of losses as traders right?

What if you could place an indicator on your chart that would identify for you many areas where trading is choppy and should be avoided, and then indicate when the choppy conditions are over and you are free to take trades?

The team at NetPicks have developed this exact indicator that they use in their newest and best trading system and they decided to offer the Chop Indicator to you, along with training on how to use it completely complimentary.  Grab it here:

Counter Punch Trader Chop Indicator

This indicator and training is going to be available just for the next few days so I suggest you hop over there and grab it.  Considering it’s a key component in their best trading system you can see how valuable it is.  In just a few minutes you’ll be armed with one of the easiest but most effective tools in your trading toolbox:

Counter Punch Trader Chop Indicator

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