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The Applied Reality Trading software (ART) is built on a “reality based” foundation and its complex algorithms analyze price and volume in the markets to deliver a robust variety of signals. These signals enable the trader to identify high probability entries and exits combined with effective risk control and trade size management. All signals are based on the “reality” of the current market dynamics, and are not “lagging indicators”. These signals complement the power of the TradeStaion platform by fully utilizing TradeStation’s’ graphics capability to clearly illustrate the Pyramid Trading Point and ART Reversal Signals. ART Charts on TradeStation are easy to read and trade from. The ART software also has audio capabilities with sound alerts to notify you when there is a trade entry or trade exit.

The type of trader that uses the Applied Reality Trading software includes the sophisticated hedge fund manager, day trader and active investor. The software is user friendly so that novice traders with little experience can also successfully utilize it. ART users worldwide have access to live technical support with log-me-in remote real time service which expedites trouble shooting and activation of software. The software is discretionary, so that the user can co-author their own strategies. It is applicable to trend traders, counter trend traders and scalpers in all markets and all time frames.

Product Features

  • Pyramid Trading Point – Primary: Identifies when a trend is in place. Provides entries and exits for trend traders and trailing stop positions when a position goes in favor of the trend trade’s direction. Helps identify trend exhaustion. Also used for scalping trades.
  • Pyramid Trading Point – Minor: Identifies when a trend correction or reversal occurs. Provides entries and exits for countertrend traders and provides scaling out exits for trend traders. Also used for scalping trades.
  • ART® 1-Bar & 2-Bar Reversals: Identifies when a reversal is in place. Used for countertrend trades and provides scaling out exits for trend traders. Also used for scalping trades.
  • Audio Alerts: Voice and sound technology provide audio alerts for trade signal entries and exits.

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