The 44-Day Retirement Accelerator: How Jeff Clark’s 44-Day Window Works?

According to Jeff Clark, the next 44 days will be packed with action. He believes we could see an opportunity to double your money every day for the next 44 days, starting as soon as the market opens tomorrow.

To help you take advantage of the 44-Day Retirement Accelerator phenomenon – Jeff has just launched a brand-new venture: Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader.

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The 44-Day Retirement Accelerator is where Jeff Clark will reveal all the details of a strange 44-day phenomenon that could help you double your money over and over again-giving you the chance to accelerate your retirement in just 44 days.


The 44-Day Retirement Accelerator

Jeff Clark’s 44-Day Retirement Accelerator

Thanks to federal law 73-291, this strange market anomaly will give you a chance to double your money over and over again, sometimes in a matter of hours… even if stocks are crashing…

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What Is Jeff Clark’s 44-Day Window: The Calendar Every Trader Needs?

Over the past six months, I’ve been working hard on a new trading strategy.

In a year as volatile as 2022, I needed something that could work whether the market is heading up, down, or sideways…

Out of the 20 trades in our beta test, 19 were winners. That’s a 95% win-rate.

The strategy is simple, really.

It’s based off a pattern that tends to fall on a pre-determined schedule.

And even better… I’ve got a calendar that tells me when these events tend to happen.

Recently, I shared a recommendation with a small group of subscribers.

We closed out the trade in just two days for a 67% gain… while the underlying stock sold off.

How could that happen?

If you were a buy and hold investor, you’d have lost money. But traders were able to quickly make a profit.

That’s why I love this strategy… you get in on the right date… a date you know ahead of time, so it’s very predictable…Then you get out a few days later and don’t leave your money exposed to long-term risk.

Here’s how we did it…


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Jeff Clark’s The 44-Day Retirement Accelerator – How It Works?

On February 23, I recommended that subscribers buy the Camping World Holdings (CWH) March 18 $30 calls.

CWH was showing the pattern I look for with my strategy.

Take a look…


As you can see, the stock sold off sharply heading into February 23.

I’m sure long-term holders were beginning to panic. But not me… I knew this was a golden opportunity.

So, I recommended subscribers buy call options on CWH.

Look what happened in CWH over the next four days…


The stock rallied hard. And on February 25, I recommended that my subscribers sell the CWH calls for a gain of about 67%.

Because my calendar had alerted me to the stock, I was able to recognize this highly profitable trading pattern before it played out.


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The 44-Day Retirement Accelerator Event Details

Now my calendar is showing dozens of opportunities right around the corner. And on May 11, a lucrative 44-day window is set to trigger patterns like this over and over again.

During this time, you’ll see a flurry of trading opportunities that could put your retirement on the fast track.

That’s why I’m calling it “the 44-Day Retirement Accelerator.”

To learn more about this 44-day window and my new strategy to profit from it, go right here.

I’ll even share three stocks from my calendar you need to watch this year, entirely FREE to all who attend.

If you want to put your retirement on the fast track, make sure to be there.

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