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4th Dimension Perpetual Income Generator is an exclusive course and email advisory service that comes from Steve Swanson.

Steve Swanson was an inventor before he was a trader… an inventor who did the impossible. He turned reoccurring market cycles into consistent profits.

In the early ‘90s this brilliant scientist… urged on by a group of professional option traders… took a speech therapy program he invented, which displayed the cyclical components of spoken words, and he adapted it to evaluate market data.

The end result is a clear picture of every market turning point past, present, and future!

An elite group of traders have been following Swanson’s forecasts for more than a dozen years. And formal records dating back to 2006 show consistent profits with no draw-down year after year… including 2007-2009… making it possible to grow $5k to $145,237… $50k to $314,526 in 8 years trading the SSO S&P500 2x ETF.

Today – He’s giving away his highly acclaimed ebook:  Take That Profit and Triple It!

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4th Dimension Perpetual Income Generator uses Swanson’s proprietary cycle software to track three bullish ETF’s: the SSO, DDM and QLD. All are double beta ETF’s designed to move twice as fast as the S&P500, DOW, and Nasdaq. Subscribers can also trade the single or triple beta ETFs; or buy options on the index.

Membership includes a comprehensive manual and 6-part DVD course, daily email alerts, daily market commentary, exclusive 4D cycle charts, weekly webinar with open-mic Q&A, and proprietary add-on software so subscribers can view cycle analysis for any market and any timeframe in real-time,day-trading and swing-trading on their own, if they like.

Offered at two price points, (6 month & 18 month) with a full performance guarantee.

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