Jeff’s 3 $20,000 Bets – Jeff Bishop Three High Conviction Trades That Will Triple His $20,000 investment

Jeff Bishop’s prepared to put at least $20,000 into each of these trades with the goal of walking away with a 3x return. Right now he’s got his sights set on three high conviction trades that he believes will triple his $20,000 investment overthe next 2 weeks.

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He’s prepared to put at least $20,000 into each of these trades with the goal of walking away with a 3x return.

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Steve Sjuggerud’s Project Real Estate: One Secret to Success in Real Estate

Steve Sjuggerud is unveiling his new project – Steve Sjuggerud’s Project Real Estate. He will also share why he believes the opportunity in real estate is still as good as ever… And he will share more of his secrets tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

It felt like I was in a spy movie. No kidding.

In 2013, banks were still reeling from the housing bust. And as strange as it sounds, many of them owned homes they didn’t even know about.

That might sound hard to believe… But it actually happened.

Today, I’ll share the story of how I bought one of these properties – before the bank suspected a thing. And along the way, we’ll learn a secret to finding success in real estate…

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Where I live, on the east coast of Florida, banks made dangerous loans during the housing boom of the 2000s. So when the housing crisis got crazy, the banks here suffered.

Many went out of business or merged with others. So mortgage obligations were bouncing around from bank to bank. And when properties went into foreclosure, it made things even messier.

In this case, one property caught my eye after it had ended up in the hands of Bank of America. It was a big, beautiful home, tucked away just one block from the beach. Here’s the kicker…

Bank of America didn’t know it owned the place.

Because of that, it wasn’t paying taxes on the house. And that meant the property was going up for auction. The county would sell it to the highest bidder on the courthouse steps.

No joke. In my county, you could show up at the courthouse to bid on these things. It felt like the Wild West.

The thing is, Bank of America had already foreclosed on the homeowner and taken control of the property. All it had to do was pay the taxes to keep it. But thanks to a paperwork mix-up, the bank didn’t realize it yet.

It just so happened that my checking account at the time was with Bank of America. And to buy a home like that at the courthouse auction, you had to have cash… right there… that day… to make the 5% down payment.

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So, picture this: I start my day by driving to Bank of America to withdraw a boatload of cash. Once I get it, it’s off to the courthouse.

I’m half expecting the auction to be canceled. I mean, how could Bank of America really let this happen?

Either way, there I am. Criminals are coming in and out of court, and I’ve got my pockets absolutely stuffed with cash.

I can’t believe it when the auction starts. I have basically no competition at all.

There are about 30 other people standing around… but they bow out once the bidding gets above $10,000. The auction is lightning-fast. And just like that, I buy the property.

Remember, it would have taken near zero effort on Bank of America’s part to stop this. The bank just needed someone to key in a few numbers. If it paid off the roughly $6,000 in back taxes, it would have kept a home worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

Regardless, I’ve won the auction. And for the first time all day, my stress level starts to drop.

I think I own the house. But then the courthouse tells me that the folks at the bank can get it back at any moment. I’ve only paid the deposit. They can still pay the back taxes. “And by the way… they’ve informed us that they intend to pay.”

So I get back in my truck. I need a cashier’s check for the rest of the money to seal the deal.

Twenty-five minutes later, I’m making small talk with the teller back at my local branch… so that I can buy a home out from under my own bank, for less than half of its value.

It was crazy at the time. And it’s even crazier to think back on it now. But in the end, I got the house. I paid around $220,000 for it. Its appraised value was more than $400,000.

Now, that story might sound too fantastic to you. It must have been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right?

Not at all.

The truth is, I bought multiple properties on the courthouse steps during those years. And I learned a key secret to success in real estate back then, too.

The simple reality is that if you want to do this sort of thing yourself, you’ve got to be willing to roll up your sleeves. You’ve got to jump in and work a bit. Take this opportunity as an example…

First, I had to check my local property appraiser’s website to see what was going up for auction. Once I found something interesting, I did the homework on the property, figuring out what it was worth.

During that step, I knew there was only a small chance my plan would work – but I went ahead anyway. I prepared myself for auction and showed up when I needed to.

The deal could have fallen apart a dozen times. But if I hadn’t rolled up my sleeves and put in the effort, I’d have never known for sure.

There really isn’t much secret beyond that. If you want to make real estate investing work for you… you’ve got to work for it.

Then, when you come across something that is truly amazing… don’t skip it. Don’t delay. Take advantage of it.


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Jeff Bishop: How To Fix Your Most Common Trading Mistake

Jeff Bishop is going to focus on what those Most Common Trading Mistake are and how to button them up.

It’s no secret, more people have picked up day trading over the last few months.

New accounts at brokers from TD Ameritrade and Robinhood have exploded.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t have a clue about what they’re doing.

I’ve heard from numerous traders that lost their shirts trading Hertz (HTZ) after the company declared bankruptcy.

HTZ Hourly Chart

Yes, the chart looks lucrative…but it’s a trap set up to catch retail money.

I don’t want anyone, paying member or not, to fall prey to these shenanigans.

You see, there are certain steps you can take that put in you a position to win…

And others which will almost certainly cause you to lose.

Today, we’re going to focus on what those mistakes are…

And how to button them up.

Chasing momentum for the sake of it

Hertz (HTZ) is a great example of a trade that no one had any business in. The company declared bankruptcy, which should have been the end of it.

Yet, research shows that Robinhood traders gobbled up these shares, hoping to catch part of the pop that occurred afterward.

A lot of trading can be done without knowing much about the company. Ignoring basic fundamentals, even with a runaway market, still leads to disastrous outcomes.

When companies go bankrupt, rarely do shareholders get anything. That means the real value to Hertz shares should be $0. $6 is what they were trading before investors got real scared they would go bankrupt.

Guess how these traders got sucked in?

Professional traders would buy up the stock premarket, putting it on watchlists for retail to see. When the market opened, retail investors would hop on board, hoping to catch a piece of the action.

Happening over and over, pros worked like cat burglars in the night, while retail was left holding the bag.

Anyone can avoid this with some basic research.

Here are some red flags for trading any stock that should make you think twice about trading it:

  • They’re under investigation for fraud or other malfeasance
  • The company is looking at or likely to declare bankruptcy
  • Stocks that are trading below $1
  • Note: That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t trade penny stocks. But it is NOT the same thing as trading large caps.
  • Company’s primary headquarters is in a foreign country with lax accounting standards
  • There are zero revenues for the company yet (outside of biotechs)

None of these are necessarily disqualifiers for trading the stock. But, you NEED to understand what you’re getting into before you trade the stock.

Poor understanding of options

When I first started trading options, I made all the mistakes out there. Plowing headfirst, I didn’t appreciate the intricacies of assignment and really selling options.

So, let me start by offering some material to help you get the basics out of the way.

Here is a link to a pretty comprehensive Options Guide for Beginners.

If you don’t understand all the concepts in this video – you should!

Here is a link for a great video I put together that goes over what you need to know before you trade options.

If you walk away from this article with one concept it should be this – selling options contains more risk than buying options.

Buying options limits you to losing the total amount you invested. As the buyer, you hold the right to exercise the option.

Selling options gives someone else that right.

If you sell a put, they have the right to put shares to you (IE force you to buy them). The value of the shares you could receive could far exceed the cost of the options, meaning you could lose more than you invested.

The same thing happens with calls. When you sell a call, if you don’t already own the shares, you have to borrow those shares (sell short) to give them to the option holder.

In both cases, you could end up in positions that could cost you far more than you initially laid out, even if you own offsetting long options, such as in spreads.

A good example is Nikola (NKLA). Available shares to borrow to sell short became so scarce, that call options were being executed far out of the money. With borrowing costs as high as $1.00 per share per day, traders that got exercised could end up owing $100 per day per contract!

Keep learning no matter what

I don’t care if you’ve been trading for 10 minutes or 10 years. Every trader needs to brush up on their core skills and knowledge.

A great place to start is with my Total Alpha Bootcamp.

Here, you’ll get access to a handful of my training videos that cover everything from my money-pattern to maximizing profits.

There’s no better time than now to get on top of your game.

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