Candlestick overhaul worth knowing about [eBook]

Stephen Bigalow – known for his unique approach to candlestick analysis is giving away his best-kept secret in this free Book: Green Flag Your One True Signal For Fast Profits The Green Flag candlestick pattern discussed in this eBook is easier to spot and much more reliable than most of the patterns invented by ancient … Read more

How to Identify Profit Making Opportunities with Trend Analysis

Many traders use Japanese Candlestick charts to help them make decisions on their next investment decision. Those same traders will also use some form of trend analysis to make better trades. But are you aware that the two, if analyzed together, are much more powerful than using them separately? Stephen Bigalow has logged more than … Read more

Profit Making Opportunities with Trend Analysis | New training presentation from Stephen Bigalow

It’s really valuable to watch the trends in the market you are trading.  With the right rules, they’re easy to learn to read as easily as you read a newspaper. Many of you may recognize the name of Stephen W. Bigalow. He’s considered by many of his peers to be the top Japanese candlesticks author, … Read more

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The Pivotal Cash Bonanza enrollment portal is now open! Imagine the personal satisfaction and tremendous financial rewards if you could be “first out of the gate” buying near the lowest low and selling near the highest high. Because, realizing the maximum possible profit from every trade is exactly what Pivotal Cash Bonanza strives to do! … Read more

Trick to buying at the low & selling at the high [video] | Stephen Bigalow’s Pivotal Cash Bonanza

If you’ve ever done any trading… be it stocks, options, currencies, or even real estate… I’m sure you can relate to what Jim B., retired USN, is saying here… “I knew patterns. I knew charts. I had all kinds of information. But what I didn’t know was… Is it a good time to buy it? … Read more

Pivotal Cash Bonanza Review | Does It Really Work?

Pivotal Cash Bonanza is an exclusive course and email advisory service that utilizes Bigalow’s unique Candlestick approach to buy out-of-the-money Call Options near the lowest-low and buy out-of-the-money Put Options near the highest high… showing potential profits totaling $86,786 investing just $350 per trade, including commissions and with no compounding. In addition to Simple Guide … Read more