Global Trading Dispatch Trade Alert – (TLT) November 29, 2017 TAKE PROFITS

Trade Alert – (TLT) – TAKE PROFITS SELL the iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (TLT) December, 2017 $129-$132 in-the-money vertical BEAR PUT spread at $2.95 or best Closing Trade 11-29-2017 expiration date: December 15, 2017 Portfolio weighting: 10% Number of Contracts = 39 contracts I am going to take the win on this one. German … Read more

Bitcoin Mentor Club is a new breakthrough Bitcoin profits newsletter

What is Bitcoin Mentor Club? Bitcoin Mentor Club is the flagship CryptoCurrency newsletter, education portal, software, and crypto enthusiast community of Infinitus Investment Research firm. Member’s have already seen gains of over 8,000% in the past 10 months. They bring a team of real CryptoCurrency traders, insiders, and blockchain developers to the everyday investor. Each … Read more

Standby for the Coming Golden Age of Investment | Global Trading Dispatch

I believe that the global economy is setting up for a new Golden Age reminiscent of the one the United States enjoyed during the 1950’s, and which I still remember fondly. This is not some pie in the sky prediction. It simply assumes a continuation of existing trends in demographics, technology, politics, and economics. The … Read more

Nvidia Reports – Stock Rockets Again | Global Trading Dispatch

Last year, whenever anyone asked me for a stock most likely to double in 2017, I uniformly responded with the same name: NVIDIA (NVDA). For me, it was a no-brainer. The processor manufacturer occupied the nexus of the entire movement towards machine learning and artificial intelligence, and then was still relatively unknown. I lied. The … Read more

The Tax Bill Comes Due | Global Trading Dispatch

Finally, investors were reminded of the fact that stocks don’t rise in value every day like a sinecure. We even witnessed a rare $250 point draw down in the Dow Average. In 2017, these have become as rare as hen’s teeth. You can thank the Republican Party’s proposal to delay all corporate tax cuts to 2019 for … Read more

Russell 2000 Set For A Short-Term Struggle

As much as you may think I have just gone MAD, I believe it is time to start dipping your toe in on the short side in the stock market. I want to elaborate on the finer points of the rationale for doing this trade. The new Republican plan floated yesterday to delay corporate tax cuts … Read more

3 Black Swans That Could Jolt The Market

There are three black swans headed your way. If any one of them alights it could wipe out all of your 2017 gains. If two come in for a landing the damage could be far worse. If it’s its three, you’re facing Armageddon. And four….? I recently received an email from a long-time reader complaining … Read more

Switching From Growth To Value

All good things must come to an end. For most of 2017, growth stocks far and away have been the outstanding performers in the US stock market. Almost daily, I was delighted in sending you Trade Alerts to buy winners, like NVIDIA, Palo Alto Networks, Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet. And so they delivered, in spades. The reasons … Read more

Who Was the Greatest Wealth Creator in History? | Global Trading Dispatch

Who’s been buttering your bread more than any other? Which publicly listed company has created the most wealth in history? I’ll give you some hints. The founder never took a bath, was a devout vegetarian, and dropped out of college after the first semester. The only class he finished was for calligraphy. And he was … Read more

Todd Mitchell Alliance Trader Review | Is It Any Good?

If you could get the secrets that would make you a top trader in a today’s market, would you pass on the opportunity? Probably not! Todd Mitchell has made that opportunity real with his The Alliance Trader brand new program. The Alliance Trader is a dynamic ETF and Options trading system that hunts for domestic … Read more