Elemental Trader Review | Get All the Facts

Elemental Trader software is a full version of the Harmonic Pattern Recognition software. This software displays in very clear terms exactly when harmonic patterns have formed. When you see the pattern on any currency pair, there is an extremely high probability that the prevailing trend is going to reverse itself. The software is an “EA” … Read more

Forex Profit Caster “blueprints” leaked?

If you saw the new Forex “ProfitCaster” training Video #1 that revealed how to predict the direction of the 8 most profitable Forex markets w/ 79.6% accuracy, then you’re probably excited… But that was nothing compared to Video #2, which was just released, that actually teaches you the COMPLETE Forex ProfitCaster trading method from entry … Read more

Forex ProfitCaster | dirty napkin “cleans up” in these Forex markets?

A retired industrial engineer sketched some unusual triangles on a napkin while at breakfast one morning at a local greasy diner… …& kind of stumbled upon a way to predict the direction of the 8 most profitable Forex markets with 79.6% accuracy. He teaches it in a very entertaining video you can see here… (Watch … Read more

Global Trading Dispatch is Live! Risk Free Trial Download!

This is important: If you’re a serious trader, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. You probably know I’ve been raving about John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader, for a reason. He’s a world class trader—literally a legend among the inner sanctums of Wall Street, and one of the best in the business. Today, … Read more

Forex ProfitCaster Trading Software Review

Forex ProfitCaster is a brand new forex product that’s coming from Bill Poulos and Profits Run. The two profitable trading methods (1 hour and end-of-day charts) that are included with this course banked a really good profit in August and September 2012, and you will get access to all two methods (as well as the … Read more