The “hidden tax” on your stock gains? – FREE Webinar with John Carter

With 2017 wrapping up, it’s time to protect your gains and start planning for 2018. It’s hard to fight this bull market, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see a sizable pull back. In fact, this market has risen so far, it could take a swan dive and still be in an uptrend. Letting your … Read more

This Setup Made 1.41 Million on TSLA

Did you know that years ending in 7 have had some of the biggest sell-offs? Remember 2007? Before that was ‘97. And of course, the great crash of ‘87. If you go further back, you’ll see the pattern held in ‘77, ‘67, and even ‘57. Pretty interesting, huh? And of course, many of these big … Read more

Hawkeye Premiere by Nigel Hawkes Free Download | Nigel Hawkes Hawkeye Premiere Trading Program

Have you heard the buzz about the new training site from Nigel Hawkes, the world’s foremost authority on Volume-Based trading? He is revealing the details about the trading strategies he’s used to make a GREAT income for himself and his clients. And the GOOD NEWS, is that I’ve reserved a FREE membership for you. Click … Read more