Kyle Dennis Review: Dollar Ace Trades Review Unusual Options Activity

Kyle Dennis Review: Dollar Ace Trades Review found unusual options activity in Metlife Inc (MET). Kyle Dennis loves following the “smart money” activity because it allows him to effortlessly generate trade ideas.

Smart Money Bet Placed In Met

Stocks have been shaky at these levels… but that’s not stopping the “smart money” from chasing alpha.

If you know me, I love following the “smart money” activity because it allows me to effortlessly generate trade ideas.

Not only that but, if you know anything about some of the largest players on the street, they have skin in the game.

Before I dole out what unusual options activity I noticed in Metlife Inc (MET), I want to reveal how I look for these plays.

How I Follow The Smart Money

When it comes to unusual options activity, I have a scanner that detects the “smart money” moves. Now, when it comes to identifying these plays…

It’s important to think about them in relative terms.

What do I mean by that?

Well, think about it like this… if a trader slams into 4,000 contracts on a single order in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY), it may seem like a large order to the untrained eye.

However, it’s really not because, on any given day, millions of contracts can trade on SPY across various classes.

Now, let’s say a stock on average trades 500 options contracts per day… but one day a trader comes in and scoops up 3,000 calls. I would consider that an example of a stock with unusual options activity.

Of course, it’s not just looking at that… I also look at how much money was behind the bet… the strike price of the options in relation to the stock price… the expiration date… and a couple of other factors.

Luckily for me, my scanner does all the heavy lifting.

It allows me to filter for noise and actually uncover where the “smart money” is actually making moves, and not their gamble trades.

Does Someone Know Something About MET?

For example, the other day, I saw a large options trade go off in MET… and I believe it was an epic bet, and this “smart money” player has skin in the game.

They purchase 8424 MET Aug $40 Calls for $1.45…

That was a whopping $1.22M bet.

At the time, the stock was trading at $36 and change… they need it to rise by 14% just to break-even by the expiration date.

Now, one thing to mention is the stock closed at $36.93 yesterday… and the August options include an earnings event.

With insurance companies gaining some strength, could MET catch a large bounce very soon?

Will it beat earnings expectations?

Who knows.

With MET about 30% off its 52-week highs, I wouldn’t be surprised if the stock continues to bounce and potentially break out from its recent highs.

Now, if you think this is a one-off smart money trade…

I’m sorry to say, but you’re mistaken.

I actually see options activity like this all the time.

If you want to learn how I’m able to turn this information into trade ideas and large returns… then you might want to check out my unusual options activity training workshop.

You’ll learn one of my best profit buckets and how to trade like “smart money”.

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The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Summit: Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green’s Online Event

The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Summit by Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green is a free online event where they will reveal #1 Way to Know Whether a Stock Is Likely to Rise or Fall

Legendary news host Bill O’Reilly and Oxford club chief investment strategist Alexander Green have come together for The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Summit. Both have formerly come together for The Great American Wealth Project where they discussed how any American can become a millionaire using the power of the stock market. And now they are back with The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time. You won’t want to miss it.

The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Review

The goal of The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Summit is to share a technique that is perfect for investing during volatility in the markets. It is the #1 Way to Know Whether a Stock Is Likely to Rise or Fall.

“It’s a technique I first heard about directly from Alexander Green.”, said Bill O’Reilly.

According to Alex, it’s “the smartest investment strategy of all time.” And today, Alex Green is going to teach you this powerful secret as well.

Learn it… and he says it’s like having your own personal “truth detector” for stock prices. You’ll know which stocks are destined to fail and, more importantly, which ones are likely to succeed in a big way.

Keep in mind, this technique isn’t just a way to avoid failing stocks. It’s a smart and disciplined way to identify some of the biggest winners in the market.

In fact, you’re going to see stories in this The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Summit of how this truth-detection technique for stocks has led to vast fortunes for a growing number of Americans. It’s used by powerful traders like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and Jamie Dimon to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. Sir John Templeton made $100 million in six months with this type of strategy…

And called it the “easiest money” he ever made.

He was 88 years old when he said that.

These are legends of investing, of course, but regular folks who follow Alexander Green also use this to pull in substantial sums of money.

Bill O’Reilly said that he personally used this strategy not only to protect but also to grow his wealth.

It’s worked for him. And it could work for you in a way far beyond what you’ve experienced in the past.

Now you’re going to see it for the first time in your life.

That’s BIG.

Only the best and most connected investors know it… and you should know it too.

Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green will go over everything. Risk… reward. Then YOU decide what to do.

If you don’t like it or you think it’s too risky, you do what you think is best. We respect that.

Now, we’ve got a lot to get to.

I suggest everyone watching have a pen and paper handy, because Alex is going to give us some great information. He’s going to detail three stocks he’s identified with this technique that could be big winners in the months ahead…

He’s going to discuss how you can use this truth-detection approach for yourself…

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Who are Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green?

Let’s take a closer look at who is presenting The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Summit where the two hosts will reveal will reveal #1 Way to Know Whether a Stock Is Likely to Rise or Fall.

Bill O’Reilly

A trailblazing journalist, Bill O’Reilly achieved unprecedented success on cable television, hosting its highest-rated show for 16 years. He’s also authored 15 national No. 1 bestselling nonfiction books. There are currently more than 17 million books in print from his Killing series.

He holds a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University and a master’s in public administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

He currently hosts No Spin News on and The O’Reilly Update on 180 radio affiliates across the country. To date, he has at most 15 #1 national bestsellers and has always been in support of Alex Green. Both have formerly come together for The Great American Wealth Project where they discussed how any American can become a millionaire using the power of the stock market. And now they are back with The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time.

Alexander Green

Alexander Green has arguably the best track record in the history of the financial publishing industry. For 16 straight years, the independent Hulbert Financial Digest ranked Alex’s newsletter The Oxford Communiqué, in its Top 10 for maximum return and minimum risk.

Since he took over as Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club in 2001, Alex’s recommendations would have turned a $150K portfolio into approximately $1,082,241. Alex also worked as an investment advisor, research analyst and portfolio manager on Wall Street over the course of his 35-year career in finance.

He is a New York Times bestselling author and has penned four national bestsellers: The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio, The Secret of Shelter Island, Beyond Wealth and An Embarrassment of Riches.

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What Do You Get When You Sign Up

Subscribing to The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time gets you the following:

One Year of The Insider Alert

Including everything you need to profit by following the top insider trades…

12 Months of Insider Trade Recommendations

Approximately 24 new trades per year

Profit Alerts

With specific email instructions from Alex when it’s time to take profits on a position

24/7/365 Access to the Insider Alert Model Portfolio

Including several open buy recommendations

Model Portfolio Updates

Regular weekly updates on all positions in the model portfolio

Optional Text Alerts

So you can stay up to the minute with every Profit Alert!

3 Bonus Reports

“Three Breakout Insider Buys to Make TODAY”

“Alexander Green’s Definitive Guide to Profiting From Insiders”

“The 15 Perfect Traders to Follow”

Three-Part Video Series: Options the Easy Way

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Feedback and Reviews of The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time

Here are some of what the subscribers to Alex Green’s The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time have to say:

“My future retirement is looking rosier than ever! Keep up the good work and thank you so much for making this available.” – Brian Cornwell

“Paid for the full-year service in less than seven days with a lot to spare. Thanks!” – Frank Richardson

“Made Nearly $52,000 on Continental Resources and more than $64,000 on Intercept Pharmaceuticals!” – Bob Rinehart

This is just a taste of some of the feedback and reviews Alexander Green has gotten on The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time.

Watch Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green’s The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time Summit Here

Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event: Get Online Event Details

Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event is an online broadcast, featuring investing legend Whitney Tilson. He’ll reveal a unique system that has helped more than 50,000 real investors determine the perfect time to buy or sell ANY stock in the market.

Whitney Tilson is participating in a free webinar called the Recovery Investing Event next Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

He will be appearing on camera with a special featured guest, who will reveal how he knew the exact moment to sell his stocks ahead of the recent market crash, saving himself thousands of dollars in the process.

They’ll discuss where stocks are headed next… how to know when to buy back into certain stocks… and what to buy right now. Whitney Tilson will even share the name and ticker symbol of one of his favorite stocks that’s a screaming bargain right now.

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Tim Sykes Morning Profits

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What is Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event?

Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event is an online broadcast, featuring investing legend Whitney Tilson and a surprise guest. They’ll give you clear, direct answers to your biggest questions: when to buy, what to buy, and where the markets are going from here. There is no other event in the world that can promise the actionable guidance you’ll get on May 28 – specifically a system of timing the markets that is so precise, it actually predicted the crash back in February.

Whitney Tilson isn’t the only expert you’ll hear from on Thursday, May 28. You’re also going to meet a surprise mystery guest who has NEVER been part of an event like this before.

He’s never worked at a hedge fund or traded under any professional investors. But he’s taking the mic on May 28 to share a story unlike anything you’ve heard from us before. While the rest of the world was panicking back in March, he was perfectly calm. Why? Because he sold most of his stocks and was almost 100% in cash by February 28, 2020.

Stocks began to crash a week later… and plummeted more than 30% by March 23. He is one of only 3,719 investors who knew the crash was coming. And on May 28, he’s stepping forward to explain exactly how he knew to sell… And the major market shift he’s preparing for next.


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What Will You Learn During Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event?

Just for signing up, you’ll immediately receive a copy of a brand-new report: “5 Ticking Time Bombs in Your Portfolio.”  This new report exposes five stocks that could not only take another plunge in the coming months – but fail to survive altogether. It’s possible that one or more of these stocks is still in your portfolio right now. These companies frequently lurk in ETFs and mutual funds, too, so we strongly encourage you to review this report right away.

“5 Ticking Time Bombs In Your Portfolio” is 100% free. You’ll receive it via e-mail immediately when you sign up below.

If you lost money in March, and want to recoup your losses as safely as possible…

If you’ve bought a few stocks recently, and want to confirm you made the right choices…

Or if you simply want to know where stocks are headed next, you must attend Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event.

You’ll walk away from Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event knowing:

  • Where stocks are headed next. Will the stock market continue to recover? Or will we soon see another crash?
  • The exact day to buy back into the world’s most popular stocks. You’ll learn a strategy for determining the perfect time to reenter your favorite stocks.
  • And what to buy right now. Including a stock that could soar as the financial markets recover. You’ll get the name and ticker symbol, absolutely free.

Attendees will also receive a special report with the exact time to buy back into 10 of the most widely held stocks in the world. Attendees will receive the name and ticker symbol of Whitney Tilson’s No. 1 Recovery Stock.


The Wall Street Legend Who Picked Apple in 2003 and Bitcoin in 2016 – Shares #1 Pick for the 2020s


It’s not 5G, artificial intelligence, or the internet of things.

The answer will surprise you. And, for those who take early action, it could lead to an eventual $1.6 million payout.

See #1 Pick

Is Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event Free?

Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event is free to attend. You just enter your email address into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to the webinar before May 28.

Then, you can go ahead and sign up for their free VIP text reminder service. To prevent you from accidentally missing the event, they ’ll send you brief text message reminders right before they go live on May 28.

When you become a VIP, you’ll receive instant access to an exclusive special report: This Embattled Stock is a Potential Nine-Bagger in Waiting

In this new report, you’ll find the name and ticker symbol of a hated stock that Whitney believes could soar triple or quadruple digits over the next few years.

He says, “The last time the setup was this good, I made 17 times my money.” This report contains information about the federal government that you likely won’t hear about in the mainstream media…

Including excerpts from an exclusive interview with one of the few experts on this unique type of investment.

When is Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event?

Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event is taking place on Thursday, May 28 at 8 PM ET. You can watch Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event on a special website. You’ll receive the website address after you finish your registration.

Meet Whitney Tilson

Empire Financial Research founder and CEO Whitney Tilson is the editor of the Empire Investment Report, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on cheap, high-quality stock ideas.

Whitney graduated with honors from Harvard University and Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA and was named a Baker Scholar. Whitney spent nearly 20 years on Wall Street, during which time he founded and ran Kase Capital Management, growing assets under management from $1 million at inception to a peak of $200 million.

Once dubbed “The Prophet” by CNBC, Whitney predicted the dot-com crash, the housing bust, the 2009 stock bottom, and more. Now, he’s sharing his secrets and strategies with followers of his latest endeavor, Empire Financial Research.


The Biggest New Tech Breakthrough Affecting You and Your Money Revealed


It could put up to an extra $5,600 back in your pocket each year.

And will create more new millionaire investors than anything else on the planet.

Here Are The Facts

Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event Bottom Line

Whitney Tilson’s Recovery Investing Event is an online event where former hedge fund manager and investing legend Whitney Tilson is going to show you a way of timing the markets that is SO precise…It would have alerted you to sell your stocks weeks before the crash. It’s a unique system that has helped more than 50,000 real investors determine the perfect time to buy or sell ANY stock in the market. Investors who use this system have a massive advantage.

That’s why Whitney Tilson is hosting this special event.

On May 28, he will show you how to get back into the market in the safest way possible. And if you’ve already started buying stocks, you’ll learn how to protect your profits as the economy starts to recover.

The event is 100% free, but you must register in advance.

To help you prepare for the big night, Whitney Tilson’s team have created a private website specifically for event attendees.

There you’ll find valuable research and resources to help you hit the ground running when they go live on May 28.

This includes…

  • A primer on the unique system you’ll learn during the event, including Case Studies from real investor portfolios.
  • Video messages from Dan Ferris, Dave Lashmet, and more about why May 28 holds the key to rebuilding and growing your wealth this year.
  • A daily series from legendary investor, Whitney Tilson. Every day leading up to the event, he’ll reveal a specific indicator he’s using to track the Stock Market Recovery.
  • Stories from real investors who have used this system and seen extraordinary results. (One investor, Theodore G., told us “This has profoundly changed the way I invest.”)
  • And your free report: 5 Ticking Time Bombs in Your Portfolio. This report outlines five stocks that could take another plunge in the coming months. Not only could these stocks be in your portfolio right now, but they also frequently lurk in ETFs and mutual funds.

Jeff Bishop Review 2020: Jeff Bishop Trading Ideas from Total Alpha Live Training

Jeff Bishop Review 2020. Actual Screenshots and results. Jeff Bishop shares three trading ideas in a live Total Alpha Trading training session.

I shared three trading ideas in a live training session for members a few days ago.

After letting them marinate…

I’ve decided to let them out of the box and share it with you.

In fact, I whipped up a video of the segment, highlighting the trade ideas for you to watch.

Not only do you get my top ideas, but I explain what I’m looking at in each of them.

Click here to watch my training video

In this video, there are a few key points I go over… which deserve your attention, including why I like the Gold Miners.

But before we get this party rolling… I want to also point out to you my approach to finding explosive breakout stocks.

One of the first charts that I discuss in the training video is Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO). Some people love the company. Others hate it.

Opinions aside, it’s the chart that I’m more interested in discussing. The stock highlights a common pattern known as a ‘consolidation.’

Consolidation patterns occur after a price makes a run either higher or lower and needs to rest. It’s like a runner taking a breather, going a little slower after climbing a hill.

Here’s how I find these using INO as an example.

INO Hourly Chart

To start, I look for a sharp move out of a rangebound stock. Since I use the hourly chart, I generally want these to sit in the same price range for a couple of weeks.

In the INO chart, the solid orange arrow shows marks where price took off higher before finding resistance around $13.50.

Next, the orange trendlines connect the highs and lows of the candlesticks. See how they’re squeezing together? That’s the second part of a consolidation pattern.

When price needs a rest, it starts trading in a tighter range. Drawing trendlines helps me see this when I’m looking for a trade.

With the sharp move and the contracting price channel, I have the two main components of a consolidation pattern that I need. From there, it’s a matter of setting up the trade.

A good way I play this is using the high and low of the chart pattern range as my breakout targets and stops. If the stock closes below the low, which would have been around $12.78, I stop out. Otherwise, I’d look for a break above $14.09 as my target.

Leveraged gold plays

As I talked about in the video, gold tends to be a ‘safety’ trade for investors. With gold as a store of value for thousands of years, it has a history of being accepted everywhere.

Lately, the gold market continues to drive higher, even as stocks themselves do as well.  It’s created an odd dynamic or both rise at the same time.

One way to play this that gives you a little extra bang for your buck is through the gold miners. But rather than trying to pick out individual companies, I prefer the GDX ETF.

GDX Hourly Chart

You see, what’s kind of cool is that the GDX is almost like a leveraged gold play. The two tend to trade in tandem since higher gold prices mean more money for the miners.

To give you an idea, year-to-date, miners are up over 17% while gold is up just over 14%. But, if you compare that to the bottom in March, gold is up about 21%, while miners are up 126%.

However, miners can get slammed when stocks fall apart. So, I prefer to grab them when I feel that equities are at least making a bottom or heading higher.

Make moving averages your friend

Last on our list is Stitch Fix and the moving averages. This is a pretty simple concept.

When a stock is holding above the moving averages consistently, I’ll trade with the trend.

Stitch Fix is a great example of how this works on the hourly chart.

SFIX Hourly Chart

Every time price dropped down to the 30-period moving average, it popped back up. In fact, the stock would often run much higher to create peaks that I circled in the chart.

When I’ve got a stock that has a strong trend and a tendency to pop, that’s a winning combination that’s hard for me to ignore.

So now that you’ve got my best trade ideas, are you ready to learn how to use them?

Then catch my upcoming Masterclass in options trading. You’ll learn the same techniques I use to trade options every day that help me read the markets.

Click here to sign up for my Options Masterclass.

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Tom’s Portfolio Review – Is Tom Dyson Research Legit?

Looking for Tom Dyson’s Portfolio Review? I’ve researched it to find out more and put together an honest Tom’s Portfolio Review sharing all the details.

Tom’s Portfolio – How much does it cost?

Tom’s Portfolio retails for $3,500.

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THE WAR ON GOLD 2020: Emergency Briefing

Hedge Fund manager and New York Times Bestselling Author details how you position your gold stock portfolio right now will have a huge impact on your wealth in the coming gold bull market.

Watch The Emergency Briefing Now

Tom’s Portfolio Review – What Do You Get For Your Money?

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Act By Midnight Tonight:

Tom’s Portfolio

Tom says we’re on the verge of a massive financial shift that will send the price of gold soaring at least 10x higher. And if history repeats itself, dozens of tiny mining stocks could leap 20x… 50x… even 100x or more.

So for the first time ever, he’s put together a top-to-bottom complete portfolio… the result of years of research.

Tom modeled this portfolio as closely as he could after his own. He has $1 million riding on this opportunity.

If you’ve ever wanted to know, in detail, the thinking behind Tom’s and Bill Bonner’s personal decisions with their money…

And what Tom recommends you buy, today…

You’re going to love this.


  • You’ll get all of Tom’s most closely-guarded contacts for buying physical gold and silver…
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  • And most important, you’ll get the names of Tom’s royalty “moonshots.”

The last time gold went on a bull run, these companies generated multiple ten and even hundred baggers. One company, for example, climbed an extraordinary 457-fold.

Tom’s Stocks

This is a list of Tom’s favorite stocks he says you should buy on a massive scale — when the Dow-to-Gold ratio hits “5”.

Print this list out and keep it handy — right next to your computer — so you’re “ready to go” when Tom gives the buy signal.

As Tom mentioned, events are playing out faster than he ever imagined. Thanks to the pandemic, everything sped up 20x. Which means you’ve got to keep this list handy and be ready to act at any moment!

These are the best companies in the world. The best cash-generating, compounding companies in the market.

You may be tempted to buy them now — but wait for Tom’s signal.

If you had acted on this insight the last time the Dow-Gold ratio hit 5 — you could have got into stocks like:

  • Coca-Cola, which would have returned 88x your money.
  • Intel, which rose 20,044%.
  • And Walmart, which soared 105 times higher.

If you follow this strategy, Tom says, “You may never have to worry about money again.” In fact he’s planning to put ALL his money into stocks similar to these — and live off the dividends for the rest of his life.

FREE Access to Tom’s Income For Life Video Course

In the past, we’ve sold this program for as much as $2,500.

It’s one of the most popular courses we’ve ever published — designed to teach you everything you need to know about what might be the world’s most generous retirement secret.

It’s a simple and safe account that can pay 55-times more interest than banks. All backed by a company that’s continued to thrive through every boom and bust of the past century.

Tom told us, “The money I have in my Income for Life account is generating a return of about 5% per year — tax free. And if long-term interest rates rise, my dividend will rise too!”

That’s why he opened six of these accounts for his own family — which mathematically guarantees his kids will become millionaires.

Many of the wealthiest and most powerful families — from the Kennedys to the Rockefellers — all had these accounts. It’s one of the world’s most powerful wealth-building accounts. Yet it remains virtually unknown to the general public.

And Tom spent years of research and loads of money developing this video course that explains everything you need to know about these Income for Life accounts… and how to get started quickly and easily — right from your home computer.

But it’s yours, free, as part of tonight’s offer.

PLUS these TWO Special Bonuses


You Could Make 843% in Your Sleep From 24-Hour Trades

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BONUS – Opportunities From the Fringe

Once a quarter, Tom will fire up his video recorder — wherever he finds himself in the world at the time, be it a train in Switzerland or a cafe in Manhattan — and talk directly to you.

His fiancée Kate will collect questions in advance… and Tom will share any insights.

It’s going to be like having a “back-stage pass” to Tom’s world adventures… as he continues to live out of a suitcase and explore the cracks in the world’s financial system.

Sometimes, his family will be on the video screen…

Sometimes, you might encounter them in a hot-air balloon over the mountains of Turkey… or in a slum hostel on the outskirts of Hanoi.

You’ll always get a glimpse into their future journeys… and what they discover along the way.

Tom plans to invite his friend and mentor, New York Times bestselling economist and multimillionaire investing legend, Bill Bonner, into some of these “video chats.”

This is where he’ll share any new and exciting investments he finds, like the “Tanker Trade” you heard about today (which he says has 3X potential.)

BONUS – Tom’s first book: Postcards From the Fringe

For the first time ever, we’re releasing an e-book — so you can relive the Dyson Family’s incredible globe-trotting adventure.

You’ll feel like you’re right there with the Dyson family — Sandboarding in the Sahara… You’ll practically smell the tear gas exploding around you as he retells his story of being trapped in Hong Kong during a riot… And you’ll get to hike along with him as he climbs the same mountains where God revealed the 10 Commandments to Moses.

This book is filled with inspiring and surprising stories — from Tom’s almost two years on the road — along with dozens of pictures, stories, and revelations which Tom has NEVER shared before. Including secrets of his career in finance, like the time he bought Bitcoin just before it rose 302,000%.

You can enjoy all of this, along with his Hemingway-like chronicling of the coming collapse of the world monetary system.


New Morning Routine Could Change Your Life

If you’re available around 9:30 in the mornings, then I think you’ll love this new morning routine.

Tim Sykes tried it and he’s made $1,150… $1,672… and even up to $3,508… all in less than 30 minutes.

Tim Sykes Morning Profits

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Tom’s Portfolio – What’s the Refund Policy?

Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In the past, we’ve charged as much as $5,000 for a single year of access to Tom’s research. But he insisted we make his new research available at an affordable price. Tom feels a moral imperative to share his work with as many people as possible.

So to make it even easier to get started, we’ve put in place an incredibly generous guarantee. That way, if Tom’s work doesn’t appeal to you, you can ask for and receive a 100% credit — good for anything we publish.


Here’s how it works…

Take the next three months to enjoy your new membership… take a look at Tom’s research and recommendations, including the tiny gold stocks in Tom’s Portfolio… and review all the training videos from Tom’s Income for Life Course. Plus, all of his advice on how to buy physical gold and silver at the best possible rates.

If you’re not completely satisfied with his research, you can contact our customer support team for a full credit of your purchase. You can use this credit for any other publication from Legacy Research Group, including our corporate affiliates at Rogue Economics, Palm Beach Research Group, and Casey Research. So if you enjoy our work, this offer is essentially risk-free.

Nathan Bear Weekly Money Multiplier Review: Don’t Buy Another Options Contract Before You Read This

That’s how Nathan Bear managed to wrangle nearly 200% on this Weekly Money Multiplier trade in Stitch Fix. Not a bad profit for a few days worth of work!

Nothing is more frustrating than getting the trade right…But the options wrong…

It almost feels like someone is personally trying to screw you out of profits.

I know that’s how I used to feel early on in my options trading career…

But then I realized something…

Options and stocks can move totally different from each other…

And it’s not some sort of black magic either.

Forgive me, but today I’m going to get somewhat technical with you. 

However, this is a critical lesson if you want to try to make money as an options buyer.

And it’s all centered around an “option Greek” called Delta.

Traders use “option greeks” to measure the different dimensions of risk in an options position.

Delta tells us how much we can expect the options price to change relative to a $1 move in the stock price. 

The lower the Delta (out-the-money options) the less sensitive it is to moves in the underlying stock. 

The higher the Delta (in-the-money options) the more sensitive it is to moves in the underlying stock. 

Now, most traders like to play cheap out-of-the-money options in hopes of scoring a big win.

What they don’t realize is how often these lose.

It’s like buying lottery tickets at the store – you’re just throwing away money.

Instead, I buy in-the-money options. Yes, they’re more expensive, but they don’t lose as much value over time.

That’s how I managed to wrangle nearly 200% on this Weekly Money Multiplier trade in Stitch Fix.

Not a bad profit for a few days worth of work!

I know, I know…you want to know what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry, papa Bear is here to help.

I’m going to explain not just why this occurs but how to use it to your advantage.

Delta basics

While we all know about the ‘deltas’ from college, this delta is a bit different.

Delta in options trading refers to the amount an option price will change for every +$1 movement in the underlying stock. For call options this ranges from 0 to 1 and for put options it ranges from -1 to 0.

Options that are at-the-money (where the current price and the strike price are the same) will have a delta of 0.5 for calls and -0.5 for puts.

You can also think of it as the number of shares that you control multiplied by 100. If my call option has a 0.30 delta, I control 30 shares of stock.

When an option is at-the-money, it has the most extrinsic value possible and no intrinsic value.

Intrinsic value is the amount of money an option has at expiration. For a call option the stock’s price must be above the strike price, and below it for a put option.

The intrinsic value is the difference between the stock’s price and the strike price. Everything left over is the extrinsic value.

Extrinsic value is what decays over time. This is what works against you when you buy calls or puts.

So, how does delta relate to this?

Well, delta decreases the further out-of-the-money you go. If you were trading a call option it would look like this on a stock that is $55.

You see, at first, the curve is pretty flat. But, the closer you get to expiration, the more it starts to look like an ‘S’.

So, when I buy options that are in-the-money, I get a higher delta that gets higher over time. That means the option will move more tightly with the shares.

For me, this is a good thing because I’m lowering the amount of money I need to risk for the trade, but still getting to pick up most of the price movements.

Trade example

Here’s how I recently applied it to Knight Transportation (KNX).

I found a TPS setup on the 190-minute chart that looked rather appealing.

KNX 190-Minute Chart

Now, with this TPS setup, I had the uptrend, consolidation pattern, and a squeeze all waiting for me. All I had to do was select the right options contract.

For this trade, I chose the June 20th $35 call options. That put me at around a 0.6 delta.

These options cost me a few hundred dollars per contract vs out-of-the-money ones that might have only been a hundred dollars.

However, I didn’t need to worry as much about time decay on these options. That gave me peace of mind since I needed to give it a few days to work out.

In the end, I scored a nice victory making almost $2,000 in about a week.

Now, if this trade had taken longer, let’s say another week, I would have made close to the same profit with these options.

However, if I had used out-of-the-money options, my profit could have been chopped by nearly 25% just because they had no intrinsic value!

So, while I accept options that cost more, I set myself up for a better chance at success.

Putting it all together 

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