Global Trading Dispatch and Coaching Program Review

The Global Trading Dispatch and Coaching Program is a mix of teaching and mentoring.  Within the coaching program itself, John Thomas will be holding regularaly scheduled webinars where he will discuss strategy, opportunities, and the markets. Also during these webinars, there will be a Question & Answer time for you.

Who is John Thomas?

John has a stunning record and the best trading resume you’ve ever seen:

Not only is he sitting on 48 winners out of 49 recommendations in the past five months alone – and not ONLY does he have one of the greatest trading resumes I’ve come across, including…

  • Having the honor of being one of today’s TOP-PERFORMING hedge fundtraders who consistently outperforms many of the big “household” name hedge-fund traders.
  • Over 40 years experience in financial markets, including 10 years as a trader at Morgan Stanley.
  • Holding a solid position at the top of the hedge fund industry since there were only about 200 funds (now they are over 10,000… run mostly by guys who want to be like John).
  • Founder of Wall Street’s massively successful, ORIGINAL dedicated international hedge fund.
  • Worked directly with traders like George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones, who hired HIM to consult with their hedge funds.
  • And that barely scratches the surface of his resume.

Now, he’s offering to mentor regular, “do-it-yourself” traders. He’ll transform you into a world-class trader; first, by letting you trade side-by-side with his hedge fund.

Watch The Latest John Thomas Webinar Here

Global Trading Dispatch and Coaching Program: The Last Coaching Program & Trading Service You’ll Ever Need!

When you join the Global Trading Dispatch Program, you will get the following:

  • John Thomas’s model portfolio – including his complete watch list of assets to buy on dips, sell into rallies, and to prepare to short.
  • John Thomas’s active trading portfolio with specific buy, sell, and stop loss instructions.
  • You will get email trade alerts sent directly to your inbox whenever John makes a move – with all the details you need to execute the trade. Plus, a concise explanation of what he is trading and why.
  • You’ll know more about what’s going on in the global economy than most full time traders through his daily global market commentary.

With this program, it will be like your trading side by side with John Thomas. 99% of the trades you make with John, will be the same as he’s making in his hedge fund.

What Kind of Results Can you Expect from the Global Trading Dispatch Program?

Global Trading Dispatch is a revolution in the making because it’s tearing the wall down between Wall Street’s most elite hedge funds and you, the do-it-yourself trader.

John Thomas, the Mad Hedge Fund Trader, delivers outstanding results: 48 winners out of 49 recommendations in 5 months, and 76% gains in a single month in 2010, PLUS 400% gains in just 4 months. You’ll get all the unfair advantages of a top hedge fund manager, PLUS the direct mentoring needed to transform you into a world-class trader.

John will not hold anything back from the members of Global Trading Dispatch and Coaching Program.

Watch The Latest John Thomas Webinar Here

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